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IgorL posted 25th of December 2009 in Community Voice. 17 comments.

Hello. My name is Igor.

For more than three years I have been a Dolphin support specialist at BoonEx so some of you may recognize me.

I will be glad to reply and answer all your questions if you choose me. Please consider that my clients are of higher priority in email and Skype support I provide.

I will also be glad to guide you through if you're a newcomer or not yet a member.


I provide the following services:


1) Pre-sale support for newbies and post-sale support for my clients - free

2) Dolphin and RMS installation - 40 USD.

3) RMS installation - 20 USD.

4) Site problems investigation - minimum 20 USD.

5) Dolphin 6.1.5 (6.1.6) - 7.x Upgrade - 40 USD.

6) Upgrade from older versions - contract price, minimum 40 USD

7) Custom modifications, integrations and database transfers - contract price, minimum 20 USD

By choosing me as your agent you will get a supporter and developer all in one. So go for it.


Add me to Skype


Privacy Policy

To be able to provide you with services you are applying for, sometimes it is needed to collect your personal data. This can happen when you order BoonEx products installation/upgrade, my modifications installation or any other service involving access to your hosting server or account. The privacy policy explains when I need to take such information, what kind of information it is, how it is used, security of your information and third party issues.

When you are going to use my services, be prepaired to share your hosting account accesses with me which includes but not limited to FTP, SSH, CPanel accesses as well as DNS registrar's account access. Not all this information is usually needed in one specific case, but sometimes for investigation or setup purposes I may require more data.

Agent Igor Lebedev obliges himself to use all the information collected from customers solely to be able to provide specific services. No commercial use, selling or giving to any third party is anticipated.

Agent Igor Lebedev obliges himself to apply maximum efforts to guard the security of information provided. Agent Igor Lebedev takes no responsibility of such information becoming available to the third party in the result of unauthorized access or such taking place beyond my control.

Should you have any questions or inquiries concerning Agent Igor Lebedev's privacy policy, the treatment of information you provide, or your business with Agent Igor Lebedev, feel free to send them to


Refund Policy

Before I agree to provide some service to you, I fully inspect your site and server to make sure that this work is not beyond my scope or that my products will run smoothly on your site. If I find any problem I will inform you about it and only after this obstacle is eliminated, I will accept the job.

The job details will be discussed with you, so be sure to explain your request as thoroughly as you can.

Sometimes this investigation will be done for a fee especially when no changes are needed to be done except for finding the reason of the problem. If I can fix the issue, the investigation price will be included, otherwise I will inform you about possible fixes and fees.

I offer no refunds for services already provided: 1) if you point at an issue not previously stated during the job discussion; 2) if you made any changes to the script that caused improper running of BoonEx products or my products that I installed/upgraded/fixed; 3) if I completed a paid investigation of your issue not involving any changes to your server settings or site scripts.

In all other cases, if my services or products don't suite your needs, you have the right to ask for refund.


Supplier Disclaimer is an authorized retailer of Agent Igor Lebedev

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Igor has been quite helpful in our issues in the past and has provided a good service.

Thank you,
Great service from Igor Installed RMS and Dolphin on our Server and Client account. I would certainly recommend him to anyone, at first i didn't know if i can trust anyone on the server but trust Igor for all Boonex related installs.

Thank you Igor for the prompt replies and service you offer
a great supporter with a mega knowing of dolphin and scripting :-)
thanks for all the support in the past years ;-)
kind regards
Couldn't ask for more. Igor was professional, timley, and thorough. He was easy to communicate with, and was very nice. He set my site up months ago, and I regret my delay in leaving him a good review.
There were a couple things I had forgot to do before the install, and he was patient and didn't complain at all. Outstanding work ethics.

Thanks again Igor,
Payment processor "PayPal" (Subsidiary of eBay)has created lot of issues in doing India
based payment transactions.
Many people got angry due to irresponsible behaviour such as reversing transactions without
any prior information. And, lot of discussions were going on in many forums. Read more @
please contact me thru skype : igor.brkljacic regarding dolphin installation
Igor is easy and great to work with. I had many problems to start up my community but Igor helped
me good and fast. Communication with him is no problem as he speaks very good english and is always
ready to help you!!!
very good response time to my issue :)
I can only say I am pleased with the support Igor has given me in installing my site and other helpful matters. I give him 5 stsrs!!
how can i get free licence to my page
How can i get non members to see Articles ?
I've installed my prime version on
How can I activated my license? please I'm urgently waiting for your reply
Hi, I just bought the ccbill script, how do I go about downloading it? Thanks
Hi Igor, My name is Frank, i am the owner of the site There is a problem in Join Module since no-one can register in my website, could you please help me to fix it? I wait for your reply one week but there is not anything change in my website. Please give me a feedback as you can
Thank you
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