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jerry79 posted 8th of July 2008 in Community Voice. 17 comments.

Hi all,

today i found out on how to solve this polls problem. You click on All polls and get Admin polls, but not these from the user.

I know, maybe i should sell this easy trick on expertzzz.... But no, i love free tools n help.

So before anyone wants to sell this, i post it on public section.

This small "not a really" mod, will post all the polls on one page when you click All polls.

Yeah you can see, i need someone who tells me how to put pagination in it. For free, for sure ;)

Ok, lets go for it:

Login to your admin panel.

Go to builders - Navigation menu builders

Click on item "Polls"

Delete Url

Write in it: mem_polls.php

Click Save

Click on item "All Polls"

Delete Url

Write in it: mem_polls.php

Click Save

Drag a new Item to "Polls"

Name it Admin Polls in System Name,Key and Default Name

Put in URL: polls.php

Click save

Easy, isnt it?


If someone got an idea how to put pagination in it, pls let me know!

You like it? Say cheers ;)



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That's nice. I thought it was strange to only see admin polls in that link.

now we should try and find out how to put pictures in polls ...
thats great Jerry79
i have one question what happend if i wanna show members and admin polls in the same page
did you know
thanks bye
uhm, you got the profile pics in it, or for what are you looking for?

well im happy to found the solution for this one. And for me, i wont show both of them on one page, they should be seperated.
But for now im looking for pagination ;)
Works perfect - Thanks
cool trick! thanks :D
In next version Polls was rewrited a little, and you will got - All polls, here will same system for members and admin, no more differences
Sounds good, thanks for the news!
Bad MOD!!

Doing this stops user from adding new polls.

Please test mods before posting!
It worked and solved my problem!! Thanks so much!
Thanks, that did the trick!
Nice work. I implemented this with a few minor changes and it seems to have worked fine.

I dragged a NEW ITEM over to Polls.
Called it Admin Polls.
URL polls.php

Dragged another NEW ITEM over to Polls'
Called it Member Polls.
URL mem_polls.php

Dragged another NEW ITEM over to Polls'
Called it Add/View My Polls.
URL profile_poll.php

Tested them all out to make sure they worked ok.

Then I dragged the original 2 options:
- All Polls
- My Polls

over to All Items. There is see more no need to delete them.

Hope that helps someone out as much as the original post helped me.

thanks a lot, good work!
Hi friends,

I would like to ask whether there is a plugin for the polls that shows who has voted for what?
Now we see just the percentage and the number of the people who have voted. In my social network we need to see some more details.

Thanks in advance for your answers!
I have noticed that no matter what.. non of my polls display on the homepage like they are supposed to. I have tried to feature it, etc... log in as admin, as a test user, etc. and the polls just do not display and they are active/approved. Is this a problem others are having? How do you fix? :(
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