Armenians in Europe Unite.

armenie posted 14th of March 2010 in Community Voice. 8 comments.

My name is Hakob (pseudonym),

And i registered several domainnames to be off use to the Armenians in Europe to build an online community.

After testing with Dolphin 6.16 i decided to wait until the release of Version7.

Now this version is somewhat stable i am looking for participants to build and develop this community.

It needs a lot off thought, work and development and is te be free off charge and use to community members except business and advertising.

So my main question is if there are participants who want to work with me to do so.

Domainname to use is


Looking forward to reactions.



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You want us to come into your domains and build it/them free of charge just so we can use it except for business and/or advertising? So what exactly is in this for us? We're all skilled enough we could easily go in and build our own, then have the ability to use it for business/advertising and pocket the money it makes into our own pockets and not someone elses.

This has got to be one of the best requests I have ever seen solicited on here. ROFPMSLMFAO
I have the same feelings for this.... :)

Why you dont build it yourself?
You are not likely to find anyone here who will get excited enough to help you build your community without compensation. You might contact some of the Armenian business associations in California - they are politically active here and have money- they even funded a California trade office in Armenia. Not sure if it is still there, but for a while it was California's last foreign trade office.
Guys I think he means the community will be free for members but paid for advertisers and businesses.
Sorry Kabob, I don't think you will find any takers here..
Dolphin is simple and complete enough that all it really takes is some content and some members. Why not give it a try yourself, and if you don't feel comfortable with the results, post a job offering?
You could for example offer people free backlinks and ad-space in return for helping to build your community, if you wanted to offer a means of compensation that doesn't cost you anything.

Last time I looked at your link, it showed blank, but I see your site has now gone live. Good looking design you have there! What you need to do is market it in different ways to get people flowing in; it won't start filling up automatically. You could start with a press release and announcements to Armenian see more communities in your locale and across Europe.
Although long time ago, my wife and i are still working on this idea.
We have an official License, and bought today athe Faceslook template from Jens Beck.
The Template from Cogdezil worked not in our case and updating it after a Dolphin Update was taking so much time we gave up.

Our plies for help was regarding free of charge for Members, for the help we would gladly give backlinks and free add space, we still do..

The PHPFOX installation will be moved to a different domain for testing, see more in a few hours Dolphin will be active again with the Faceslook Template.

Thankyou for any reactions and/or help.
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