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LightWolf posted 29th of October 2009 in Community Voice. 12 comments.

Okay why is it that a third party offers a auto installer for Dolphin, yet with all the developers we have here, this has not yet been created by the Dolphin team? This would really help a lot of newbies also. I don't know much about  Primanet24 but I see someone on here truly

What do you say Boonex, will there ever be a auto installer for Dolphin? And if so how soon? Is the auto installer Primanet24 have any good? Are they truly that bad as one has said on here?  Folks I know we all want to make installing a little easier then it has been, but with all the hacking going on, please, PLEASE be careful who you get your Dolphin add-ons from. Always look deep before you leap or you may wind up in a deep deep hole you can not get out of.

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Well personally I do not download any EXE files from anyone I don't know. It is way to easy to add a few little "extras" in with it. (not saying they have)

Hello Dear LightWolf

We dont sell we give free , you can test autoinstaller uploader self on you sub domain, !!
if you have any problem you can ask us, we dont charge money dont wory,
Let us know when you're done spamming.
I don't need a third party installer, but thank you. Sorry but with all the hacking going on I will install all myself. I never said anything about charging for this, but love the sneaky way you do what Houstonlively says "spamming"..roflmao
What's your rush girl? Installation only takes 10 minutes.

Boonex did do it already. At least for D6, maybe one should read up a little before they jump the gun blaming Boonex for something that a lost of hosts already have on their servers thanks to Boonex.

As far as this primaspam guy goes, it's just spam.
this is a very good point.... its a big lose of time to set folder and file permission when you install dolphin...
Not for me Houstonlively, just some people that are new at Dolphin and installing, would be a huge help. I also have not even attempted to install the last few beta's, just a waste of time and a lot of headaches. And from what I am seeing now, we have graduated to migraines .lol
If there were a tarball available for download, taken off a Linux server where the folder permissions were set right, and if it were ungzipped directly at the target server (easy enough over command line or even a simple PHP script), that would save a lot of trouble from the installation process for those who want to skip the endless permissions hop. A very simple possibility for cutting down the install time.
Now if I was a newbie I would say "What are you talking about", "I'm confused" "Tar what?"...roflmao
Haha, yes of course.

And tarballs are commonly compressed with gzip, a native GNU/Linux zipper. If you ever wanted to move a complete website with all permissions intact, you would tar and gzip it up, do a direct server-to-server-ftp move of the bundle, and open it up at the new server.
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