Back and ready to ride

slimgoody posted 26th of August 2010 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

If you don't know how to say Thank you, then obviously your mother didn't teach you any manners! I'm gone need to have a few words with that lady in the future. This is the type of behavior that I experience on Boonex. People who just don't have any home training. The society in which we live in is becoming sadder by the minute. I'm a bit disappointed to be apart of this era.


I'm back on the grind, it's been about a week and a half since I've been around. I guess you can say I took a little vacation. I seen a little bit of money in my google account and went crazy. I have to make sure that I never do that again! I have to keep the grind going around the clock, if I plan on seeing any type of success. I think I fixed the disappearing issue I had with my avatars. The ticket that was offered worked, (I think) I tested it but you never know how things may go later on down the line.


Let me tell you a funny thing that happened to me. I had an agent who I messaged about a month ago. Three weeks went by and didn't hear anything from him,right? So when I changed my agent, the same day my agent got changed this idiot comes and sends me a message talking about, "sorry I'm not your agent, AntonLV is." WHAT THE HELL!? Some people are just the lamest of lames, I swear.

I see not much has been going on on Boonex since I been gone, (sad face).Oh well, I'll be around speaking my mind every once in a while. Just had slowly creep back into the water. CAUSE IT'S COLD!

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Welcome back :)
I hope the ride will be good from now on.
Wishing you the best.
appreciate it, I'm not sure how good it's going to be but I'm pretty positive it's going to be a bumpy ride.
Nathan Paton
People are actually trying to rely on the agent system. That's cute.

Welcome back to the ring. I hope you don't get too bruised up like some of us.
Right! Crazy, the agent system is there for a reason but many of them are too busy selling modules to actually be an agent. AntonLV has been good to me thus far though so hey. Bruise? Man I've gotten bruised up, beat up and tossed in the gutter dealing with Dolphin.I feel like a battered wife! I hope all the pain is worth it in the end.
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