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Sola posted 29th of June 2008 in Community Voice. 3 comments.

Hello everybody, My version is 6.0004 and I want to know if it´s possible when you click on the header in blogs, I don´t want to see the photos of the users, I only want to see the users information whit out the photost. I think if you have to many blogs it´s not really nice to see those pictures, does anybody  konw how can I put  off the photo.

Thank you !!!

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Cut just thumb of member are simple:
function GenBlogLists
here quite at end of function:

$sRetHtml .= <<<EOF
<div class="clear_both"></div>
<div class="cls_res_info_nowidth">

just change to

$sRetHtml .= <<<EOF
<div class="clear_both"></div>
<div class="cls_res_info_nowidth">

so I cut {$sCont} here

if you keep in mind see more here some another functional (ideas) - just offer :)
Hello AndreyP, thanks for your help, I did it, and works but not 100%, if you see it, on, you can see the frist half it´s ok but the second half I don´t know why but the letter have underline, and in the end the words, links, noticias, .... and the flags are not in rigth position.

When you write "if you keep in mind here some another functional (ideas) - just offer :)" what do you mind, If I have ideas I offer you for all people or if I tell you see more my idea.

Thank you so much for your help.
Seems at
some of blog desc was not closed (DIV)
recheck blog titles (in SQL)
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