Blogs (thumbs up/down) Vs Forums (+/-)

cbassthefish posted 31st of August 2009 in Community Voice. 2 comments.

I think the thumbs up and thumbs down (icons) on blogs appeal to people much more than the + and - (icons) on forums. 

People seem to get more points these days by posting to a blog post, that has a <thumbs up> and a <thumbs down> rating system, rather than a forum post which has a <+> and a <-> rating system.

Just a thought.

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Why did I have to add a tag to my own blog entry? You did not initailly provide me with a box to do so and I had to seek out tags on a sub-menu or else I would not be able to post or read my book.........
Negative voting is "mob rule" and Boonex should get rid of it. Have you noticed how mundane the blogs here have become - that is one reason why. I got over a 100 negative votes after I fought against the price increase - something that resulted in every one who contributed getting at least one license, and ultimately Boonex reversing its decision entirely as my predictions proved accurate. On my final blog post protesting Boonex censorship, something like 22 people voted against me, see more as most people will support Boonex no matter what. About 17 people voted for me though, as they didn't like the idea of this being a censored forum either. On the display of this Blog, however, it shows a "negative 5" - making it look like I had posted something terrible. Unfortunately, this discounts the position of a large minority here who disagreed with Boonex policy in this area.
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