Boonex Chat Room and IM for Unity

Profesize posted 6th of February 2010 in Community Voice. 16 comments.

Why is it that you offer the members of Unity the choice of setting up a chat room and the Simple Messenger/Video Messenger on their sites but you don't actually offer these services for use by the members on Unity itself?


As long as Unity members have the choice to refuse the IM and/or block members from trying to IM them then I think it would be an added benefit to help improve the speed of communication and in turn the resolution of issues we are having.


I am also sure that many Unity members might  have friends they just want to say hello to just for the sake of it.


With regards to the chat room, the agents could take turns in having a Q&A session with Unity members say once a week at an allotted time. Or to keep it more controlled you could say what the Q&A session topic might be and only questions about that topic will be answered.


What do you think?

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It's going to be the last thing in my project. I need all the other things working first in a reasonable way. I think boonex has the same policy. It's just not mature enough to handle a large number of users at the same time I think.
We don't necessarily need anything from Boonex itself to do what you propose, all we need to create is a IRC room and get a mod to sticky the room's address.
Nathan Paton
I used to manage IRC channels for various organizations/communities. However, something tells me that getting BoonEx members onto an IRC channel is the equivalent of inviting kindergarten students.
i used to manage ircd server if you guys want one
Hence the reason that if Boonex were to go ahead and set this up , better to keep it all contained within the one location.
I would say it'd be best to give Boonex the chance at responding to this blog and let them have a chance at first refusal. That way we wouldn't be stepping on anyone's toes.
i do like the idea of having the ability to use a simple messenger here on unity
Nathan Paton
Instant Messaging? Yes. IRC channel? No.

I would love the ability to have quick and easy communication with people, along with the possibility to share files within the chat. However, an IRC channel would seem like a bit too much, and something tells me that it won't be pretty.
I don't need chat or IM here....hell, I don't even like you guys.
Nathan Paton
He's being serious, Profesize.
An IRC channel would be a good idea. Okay a few boonex members would not have a clue on how to get onto the IRC channel, but do you really think they should be playing with Dolphin if they do not have the patience to find out how do that?
^^^ I love this, "...the patience to find out how..." Now that is a great statement. Wouldn't it be awesome if they had the patience to use a search function? No, not ripping on this blog. I think it's a good idea, but I can also see issues with Agents & certain members getting inundated with IM requests. Perhaps setting up the chatroom would be a god idea, but the IM could be problematic and overly annoying in some instances.

Perhaps the Chatroom idea would be good, it would see more also help develop it into a more mature product as the loads Unity Members could place on it would help prove it's worth or display it's shortcomings pretty quick.
I do not use the boonex search function to look for info on Boonex as I normally find a google search of boonex to be more useful. Things may have improved since the last used the boonex search, so I just went looking for it. Now it is located at the bottom of the Boonex website. Why? Normally I would expect a thing to be at the top a website. Okay, it took me less than 30 secs to locate it, as I knew it must be some where. However new users may over look it as it is hidden at the bottom of each see more page, in the right hand corner.
I would also like to hear Boonex's position on this one. As MD said it would highlight the products capabilities, capacity and maturing it as time progresses. I am sure Boonex have confidence in product to open their own chatrooms open to the public with their own product. Testiment to their own capabilities!
Will this finally be happening with the arrival of Sundance D8?
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