Boonex: Dolphin (Near-Future Version) Xmas Wishlist

Kingphish posted 25th of March 2011 in Community Voice. 1 comment.

Dear Santa Boonex,


Hi! I am Kingphish. I know that I may be too old to make a Santa Wishlist, but I don't care. I've been a good boy in recent years (depending on who you ask), and because I have been a good boy, I think it's only fair that I get what I want. Below are a several items of things desired for future Dolphin upgrades.


  1. STANDARD On and off switch for Dolphin sites to show site offline. The function would also allow the administrator to continue to work on the site without have to physically take the site down.
  2. Super User function that will enable the Super User to create subordinate administration roles to non-members and restrict their access to certain parts (or all) parts of even given Dolphin site.
  3. A more participatory Unity Community, where developers are willing to answer easy questions.
  4. Market products that update to date with current versions of Dolphin.
  5. Future Dolphin upgrades that don't interfere with the operations of a current Dolphin site so that upgrades are seamless like the upgrades to computers or cell phones.
  6. Standardized instructions for EVERYONE offering products on Market.
  7. Disclaimers on products that disclose whether the current product will be updated to ensure compatibility with future versions.
  8. A Sub-Market that consists of products and services that not compatible with future versions of Dolphin.
  9. Ummm ... the flexibility to do more with Dolphin; right now, there are restrictions in the Admin Panel that constrain developers from doing certain things seemingly without reason. That is, if I can make a change in the code, I should be able to make a change from the Admin Panel.
  10. Indicators on each members product listing page that shows whether the seller's friend is making a comment about a product and/or service.
  11. Ummm ... I want all of the stuff above. Santa Claus ... "PLEASE!"

Thanks Santa.


Little Timmy Kingphish

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i want like "creative" ideas feature
Chatroom in Mobile apps
New Social Concepts
Social Flash Games
and many more...
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