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Discussions recently took an alternate route with regard to peculiarities in the Prime license features concerning the distribution of desktop re-brands and mobile app re-branding allowances. So I'm here now to throw you a few curves...

To recap - one mobile and 3 desktop re-brandings were allotted to the Prime license. For Prime customers desiring more than one re-branding instance, the machinations were way too involved to calculate. It never worked out without some unwanted or unneeded extras. Long story short:

The discussion grew to encompass customer wants and needs, both for Prime and all other licenses, and in the end - things changed ... and they changed a lot! NOW, long-sought mobile app re-branding can be purchased for any license, and Desktop re-branding is completely without charge - for any license! YEP!

A purchase of one mobile app re-branding will bring those rights to any license now. Some of the details of this and the information to handle these apps are available in a forum post by Alex T at:

Until purchasing links for this are in place (hoped for by end of this coming week), requests for these will be handled manually and the price for separate re-branding licenses is going to be $299. If you get them separately (not with Prime) it will be located in the "My Licenses" section of your Unity account. Don't forget - no charge to re-brand Desktop any more either - across the board!

Another little bit thrown in - the iPhone app license may also be used as a Dolphin permanent license, and vice-versa. So, if iTunes doesn't accept your app for some reason - you can still use the license.

Check things out as the week progresses, but more details will surely follow as this is is all put into place. Heads up, and resume normal speed!

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Okay, I'm even more confused now. Can we please get a price list on this, specifically how things are going to work for those who want more than one mobile app version to rebrand. For instance, as I'm understanding this:

I pay $998.00 and I get 3 Dolphin Licenses and re-branding on one Mobile App, say it's the iPhone App. Now, I want to also re-brand the Android App when it comes out, do I need to pay $299.00 for it or do I need to purchase an additional Prime Package at $998.00 thus meaning see more I now have 6 Dolphin Licenses and 2 Mobile App Licenses? Can I re-brand the App and make it available across multiple domains under the one license? Will I have to purchase a license for each Mobile App for each Domain?

Clarification on this is going to be greatly appreciated.
You know, I've been seriously considering a Prime License. However, there is no comprehensive documentation, I think this is a lose - lose situation for everyone involved.
Great to know that I have the option to rebrand desktop without having to purchase prime package.
Andrew Boon

if you have a Prime, one rebranding is included. It's good for, say, a small network of 3 sites all using one-brand iPhone app. If you want to rebrand for each of your sites, you need 2 more rebranding licenses. When Android comes out, you'd need a license for each of the android apps as well. One app can connect to any amount of your domains, this is why we try to convince everyone NOT to rebrand to every site, but rather let your users use all of your sites from one app, thus making see more life a bit easier for them.

No matter how you put it, Prime is VERY good value for money. Documentation is being added and this particular post is a part of it. Admittedly, we're still figuring out some things, and keep putting off documentation development, specifically because of constant changes. It should come soon, though.
OK, as I understand it, with a Prime license, I can rebrand the iPhone app, but I'll have to BUY a license when the android app comes out, and the same for the Windows Mobile app when it comes out as well?!?!?

This seems a little ridiculous, since I am trying to rebrand all 3 for the exact same brand! I should imagine that a rebrand license would be good for all 3 apps as long as they are all rebranded the same way!

I should imagine that Boonex would NOT want to follow the (evil) Micro$oft see more habit of making you buy the exact same thing OVER AND OVER AND OVER again!!!!! Otherwise this is going to become VERY tiresome VERY quickly. Especially since most site owners will want to provide all 3 applets to cover the widest range of users.
Yes - Just like products in the iTunes store are available separately - these are too. Lots of development work goes into them, and they are distinctly separate apps.
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