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fidelg3 posted 1st of April 2009 in Community Voice. 11 comments.

They say the squeaky wheel gets the oil. So I am trying to draw attention to a super neat interface for browsing through photos. I know I have mentioned this elsewhere in someone's blog comments, but I think it is worth drawing more attention by giving it its own post here.

I am talking about I have been using for a while now (when it was still called It is a browser plugin that I use on both IE and Firefox. It allows you to browse through an album of pictures using a really nice interface. Some sites work really great with it. For example, when I do a Google image search, I use it to browse the image results.

Because they provide an API for using this interface with any RSS feed, I was wondering if Boonex could read up on it to see what it would take to get this really neat plugin to work on Dolphin photo albums.

By "offloading" the work involved to produce a neat photo viewer to CoolIris, Boonex could concentrate on other things and make the users really happy with the CoolIris interface. They are always steadily improving the interface.

Otherwise, perhaps someone at Expertzzz can write a plugin that would make it really easy for someone to integrate Cooliris with their existing Dolphin 6 and with the new 7. I searched but could not find anyone who has done this integration before.

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I am curious to know some comments from those people who voted thumbs down. What is it about this idea that is full of crap?

Here are two photo album sites that use it. Once you install Cooliris you can browse their albums with it.

Even Google image search uses it!

I am very curious as to why you think Boonex should not use it.
Don't sweat the haters! There are numerous rip off artists on the gravy train at Expertzzz who don't want anyone to rock the boat with ideas that might cost them money. The whole thumbs up and down system has been corrupted by these highly biased individuals and your best bet is to ignore it totally.

Your idea is a good one!

Don't sweat the thumbs, there are some people who just get a kick out of thumbs-downing.

I have a feeling it has nothing to do with the post, they just like the mystery kick. They may not even read the posts.

Those who have a thing to dislike usually say why they disagree.

The idea of exporting some tasks to a boonex-offered plug in option is not bad. I like it when it's something the developers set up ahead instead of after market 3rd party plugins.
fidelg3, Juker and the ladybugn,

I totally agree. I don't understand why the thumbs down. I found this post useful.
Well his first couple of posts were pure spam...they were deleted by Boonex. My guess would be that most people still have a bad taste in their mouth about that. Also most of his posts don't really make a lot of sense, like asking Boonex to prove that Dolphin 7 is faster. I know everyone has the right to post their thoughts but at the same time I have the right to give it a thumbs down. Didn't HoustonLively cover the photo gallery thing pretty well allready??
lol...I guess I haven't been around a lot lately.

Point taken.

Thanks for clarifying that.

As for houstonlively's photo gallery post, I need to take a look at that a bit more. It would be great to have a gallery that has privacy settings built-in.
thats what we talked about in that thread. as well as gallerys and boonex are going to write some for it.

as buck said, his 1st few posts where just spam and others are not really worth reading like the "prove the speed" if he read the posts boonex made he would know that boonex want to get everything in place and they hire mysql and another company to go over the code to enhance it and speed it up.

thats after everything is in place. so what was the point of his speed post?
I guess this community is not all it promises to be. It seems to me at least half of the comments are about bad-mouthing each other, as opposed to a constructive conversation.

Anyway, I guess what Cooliris offers is second-nature to some folks around here. For those of you who think Cooliris is cool, I'm with you on that.
buckmcgoo, I can only hope I covered the photo album subject well enough for Boonex to make it an intuitive feature to use. I do have a big concern, but if I went public with it, I'd probably catch hell from every direction.
When have catching hell ever stopped you? What's your concern... inquiring minds want to know.
This time it's a little different. Let's just say it's an observation..... one that I don't see any way to turn into something constructive.
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