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unlimeet posted 23rd of April 2008 in Community Voice. 1 comment.
After a while and with idea to support boonex, i decide to buy the dolphin license and 2 ray licenses.
After re-installing dolphin (version add-free), I get surprise ...
I apparently need a local server now ... I need to change my hosting :(
I can't use all ray wdget like before but only the one I paid ... or I  have to paid for all (why are they selling them separably).

Maybee I loose somethink, but i just spend 300 $ and I my website is working less good and I really feel ....

Of course, I send a mail to boonex and no contact for moment :-(
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1) Dolphin and 2 Ray widgets licenses cost 297 AUD (not $300).

2) For union Free and Paid widgets you can see instructions here:

3) AdFree widgets don't work with We provide such service only for Free Packages clients.

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