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Mike posted 17th of February 2010 in . 18 comments.

Hosting - you need get it right. In my introductory mails with customers, I try to emphasize how important it is to check out hosting needs. I make it a point to highlight this necessity and explain a bit of what needs to be considered. In many cases it still seems to be an afterthought when license purchasing is done.

Frankly - hosting is probably the single most important aspect of putting up a successful site. You can get a "Cadillac" license package and spoil everything with a substandard economy hosting decision. Dolphin has a lot of cool features that work well when properly hosted, and many headaches can easily be avoided by just not scrimping on hosting.

On first point of contact, I even copy the specifications - no need to even look them up, and often remark in red that ALL of these need to be adhered to or exceeded - they are minimum. You can find this easily on the trac, here:   I explain also that hosting companies typically do NOT publish everything that needs to be considered, and, if not using recommended hosting, it is necessary to copy those specs to any prospective hosting solution that you choose to see if the servers have what is needed.

Guess what happens next. Mm-hmm.

It is even possible to make mistakes from among our recommended companies. Some charge extra or specify the need to get a higher cost plan for the accesses to place the RMS for those cool features. Some don't offer RMS hosting at all. Some offer it with every plan. Many of those RMSs are shared, too! It is necessary to check the "more info" link for each company that is being considered. About the only thing that you can be sure of with any of those plans is that you can operate basic Dolphin there (shared hosting) while giving up those flashy A/V things.

Check things out carefully. You may not have a costly license involved here - but surely your time and effort (and sanity) are worth investing some investigative time in. Accept and check other recommendations we make, too. Realize the limits of some of these plans and thank yourself for doing a good job on this. Trouble-free and clicking away is SO nice! We'll thank you too!

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Nathan Paton
I'm surprised that some people can't wrap it around their head that not all web hosting packages will support this script. Dolphin is, in many ways, a beast, and has its own set of requirements and demands on the server that must be met to operate properly.

So many people also fall for those nickel hosts, and believe they can actually host a Dolphin web site on their web hosting packages for as little as $2.99/month. People should consider their web hosting companies like they do car dealerships. see more If you see a nice, current-year car for the price of a bag of oranges, you should realize that something is not right here. It's the same for web hosting: you need to invest some actual money to ensure you get what you actually want. If you can afford a payed license, you can surely afford the price of a proper web hosting package which gives you everything you need, without cutting corners.

Apologies for somewhat taking over this blog with that comment, Mike.
No apologies needed! It needs being said, but people just....
Well.....I have a dedicated server with a high price and it has been a catastrophic nightmare experience. To mention a few, site down, (long as 3 days and taking 2 weeks to get it functioning as it should ) script errors, security issues and database errors.... Even with a recommended sever by Boonex - Its the old classic "PUSH THE BUCK GAME"

This is your typical response from the server`s tech support with the classic comment "You would have to contact Boonex developers for see more that, it's possible that script is not able to fetch some data from database. I will try to restart database, but this looks like some sort of script issue."

Its a solid nightmare when trying to run a business. There is simply no 100% guarantee here ! Thats the reality of it all - Good Luck
Did you install by yourself?
I think the problem is no server configuration is the same. And I face this myself, I have 6 Dolphin 6.1.6 sites online without problems. D7 give als on 1 stage no problems, the one It give me headache is Orca. Yes the forum works, but the language will not compile.

What I will say is this, thats on the same server, you can have little problems to. So check out ,like other says every time, how the server is configured to the minumum what is needed. Yes I agree Dolphin 7 is a beast.
allearth your so right
i have a dedicated just installed from 64 bit server to 32 bit cuz some one tell me it will not worke whit 64 bit a site crated in 2003 whit forums and allot other over 50 gb downloaded and back up it installed a fresh server and sayed all info need
ssl ftp root and cpanel acunt i gived all of them. agent told me ok server is ready in 2-3 hours
after 10 hours and a payed license and installation paymend. i was think ok. they will not installing it cuz no changes happen see more
ok i have read and look to installed it my self i get just 24 hours later an email hey we cant finde the install folder lol
you have root access. why you dont look ? becuz i have installed allready
just updated a template and started to worke on it after hours of worke found alot errors and bugs.
just again tryed to say them hey this script is not working the told me it becuz u installed so i deleted every think.
the reuploaded and installed. till doday i just login in to amdin aria and did not but my template to say its not my template its your script .
chage admin info is not possible
after i put in every box a latter it bossible but even i dont but a favorit music on it it will just do nothing no changes
so the agent loged in and changed every think and sayed look it worke i sayed no juts remove favorit music or video
she told me you gone pay my time ? i told here hey hey stop i just payed in the las days over 400 dollar
she just sayed no the monney go to boonex you just payed me for the installation
so now here is 3 ways 1th is the remove me and my acunt and just ban me from the forum like alot comanys do when u have to much complane ur monney you will never see in life again next is the will fix my software (hey ppl you have al info you need its a dedicated server and every think is payed )
and the last step is refound me my monney and i look for some other script
and video upload is also not working more than 10 hours video in process is ray server working yes webcam worke but converting video dont worke
@ Quraischi. I didn't quite get hold of that as English is probably not your first language, so excuse me if im wrong here, but surely they didn't charge you 400 dollars just for installation, thats outrageous..
see moreHi Mike and all,

What is the cheapest, yet good enough hosting company Boonex would recommend? I mean, a company that would meet and exceed all Dolphin 7´s requirements, including RMS applications.

What is logical to expect to pay per month? With whom?

Also, I´d like to tell everybody that while Hostgator has an outstanding customer service, they do not host RMS applications AT ALL. So, before purchasing any plan from them to host your Dolphin site, be advised of this.

Thanks and regards,
HernanL I recommend you to be patient, persistent and have the end in mind. Do your homework, for me it was all trail and error - Good Luck !
so many error got after live Dolphin, i run with dedicated server and everything done and ready to live for members.. but after week that got a lot of problem.. then stop my website now... and find another software to run social network...

PS: I have unlimited License for Dolphin...
While I understand there may be some issues trying to run Dolphin on a VPS or some other hosting situation, on a dedicated server, you are usually given two options when you sign up. You can manage it yourself, or you can purchase it as a managed package by the host. Either way, Dolphin should run on a core installation of Linux, PHP5+ compiled properly to support xslt and the other requirements, and mysql. On a managed setup, you should only need tell your host what is required (and this information see more is available all over this site) BEFORE you start setting up Dolphin, and on an un-managed host you can set it up and compile it to your hearts' content the way you want it. Houston has mentioned many times in the past that a simple test script for selecting a server to host on would be of great value to someone wishing to set up Dolphin on a server, and I agree 100% with that if for nothing more than to kill all the posts about not being able to install or get Dolphin working properly. Since nothing like this has been forthcoming, then it's up to the potential Dolphin user to understand what is involved in installing and running a Dolphin site (and since it's available for FREE, then there is no sense in complaining that you've spent your hard-earned cash on something you couldn't get to work for you). I think that the majority of the problems encountered with installation and setup is that the user just isn't knowledgeable about server settings, php configurations and the like. While it would be nice if something as complicated as the Dolphin script would auto-install itself on everything out there in under 30 seconds and have 2000 paying members inside of a week, it takes some hard work, experience working with the back end, and some patience to succeed. If at first you don't succeed, go back to the forums and look some more.......
1. Dolphin does run quite well on a 64 bit server provided the server is configured correctly in all of it's settings.

2. You never said who you were hosted with.

3. I'm thinking ou purchased a license (not an unlimited), an unmanaged server package and then paid someone to do an install. Your server is not configured correctly and you do not want to pay anyone to do that configuration work to get it all working. $400.00 for Linceses, Dedicated Server and Install is not alot of money, see more it's actually an incredibly unbelievable deal.

Yes folks, you need to look at hosting package, ask questions, provide the hosting requirments to the host and advise them you are going to be running Dolphin with all the toys. If you don't, then your life will be difficult and it is your own fault. Many of us have made many posts in the blogs & forums about hosting, pay attention, we really don't do it just for the heck of it.
@bigal0228 - I have a few VPSs now and my provider will reconfigure them in anyway that I want when I ask them to. HOWEVER. A VPS is under your own control like a normal server (you just have a virtual server). And so normally I attempt to reconfigure/install/upgrade all the software myself, as then I know it is done correctly and I am in control of the whole process. Unless of course it is a core VPS software issue, then I have no say.
Yup cbass, I should have stated that a VPS, just like a Dedicated, will be subject to the conditions of the host. I've just seen more comments made by folks who use a shared hosting service or VPS commenting on having difficulty in setting up a site due to missing functions or software. Most any good host will work with their customers to set up a custom configuration if their basic installation doesn't support the features a site owner needs. What a lot of people new to the site building business see more don't realize is that every host most likely uses a particular setup they are familiar with and can support (OS/PHP/mySQL versions that work for them) and simply drive image for installation for every new customer. Those hosts who have chosen to support Dolphin have just set up their system to incorporate all of the necessary software and functions to support a fresh Dolphin install.
There's been quite a few blogs about Dolphin Hosting but no one ever recommends or comments about any hosting service (at least I have not read any reviews).

Can anyone post comments about great hosting companies? Bad hosting companies? Right now, we're using Arvixe. Customer service is great, hosting is good, we just noticed that there seems to be frequent downtimes (short but frequent).

We're looking to move to Host4web. Can anyone give feedback? We have a large site with two licensed see more Dolphin sites. It's going to be a big move and need to know if it's worth it to move from Arvixe to Host4web.

Thanks for your feedback.
The best host you will find around here is without a doubt Terabyte Hosting. Get in touch with DosDawg it is his company. I have tried a number of hosts out there and Terabyte is best. The servers are setup exclusively for Dolphin so you know it will work as it should. Good luck if you go with anyone else dealing with issues.
Yes, dolphin 7 is a beast but a baby beast. it has everything will need a good social network site. but still needs more stability and more reliability, if you have a working site ... DONT TOUCH IT, it will break itself automaticly.
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