Cannot do a full database from within Dolphin Admin

Gazza posted 21st of April 2008 in Community Voice. 2 comments.
I cannot do a full structure and content back from within the Admin panel on Dolphin. I am running Dolphin 6.0.0005-Free.
If I select the back up to server , to pc or display options it eventually just times out I suppose because the web browser (Firefox) eventually displays and error 500 message.
However if I select a "structure" only backup i get no problems. Is there some kind of server or mysql limit on the size of the back up file? Its a new install with 15 users and not too much content at all.
I could just back up from within mysql but is this a sign of a larger, underlying problem?
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It very well could be the cause of a larger underlying problem!

On shared hosting accounts, their are usually timeout limits set in the php.ini file (Php Configuration). Contact your hosting provider and ask them if they can increase the limits, may also help for uploading music, videos, larger files, ect.

certainly will do, I will contact them. , Thanks for the advice, much appreciated
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