Chat, video etc works in IE but not in Firefox

hdavy2002 posted 13th of May 2008 in Community Voice. 3 comments.
I signed up and I am using their RMS for 3 bucks a month. My chat, presense, video, etc works in Internet explorer, but when i go to firefox, it just says 'loading'.

Does this have any issues with firefox?
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Possible reasons:

1) Uncleared cache - clear cache of browser can help in this case.

2) Old Flash player for FF - for Ray 3.5 you should have 9th version.

Hello hdavy2002,

we have fully tested yoursite in all browsers and it works fine.

As LeonidS has stated,

Please clear your cache, browser and possibly system, as well be sure to have recent version of firefox and allow Flash.

Thnaks guys, it was my cache in firefox. CyberXing is great.
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