Checked ray suite and now my free license

linksys7 posted 22nd of April 2008 in Community Voice. 4 comments.
Checked ray suite and now my free license for My Desktop widget is not registered and I tryed to get another license and the widget wont take any license? Whats going on?
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I'd suggest you upload your original files from your computer again and start over from scratch.

I haven't gotten as far as testing the downloaded Desktop app, yet... but, I wouldn't test the Client on the same computer I'm using as Admin.

Just to be absolutely sure its not a conflict between Client machine and Admin machine. (probably not)

But starting over from the beginning and going through each step with the prior knowledge of doing it once already; (and of course AFTER you've calmed see more down); you may have better results.
What version of Dolphin are/have you trying to install/installed?
This is not an installation issue, Ive had my site running now for at least a month and all my widgets were registered before with no problems. Ive always had an issue with the desktop application so Ive never used it yet till, I started to look at it again to try to figure out why it wasnt working the desktop application , not the desktop widget(was registered and working) and when I went into my admin area and looked at the plugins the desktop widget poped up and said it wasnt registered, so I see more tryed to input the license again and it wouldnt take it, so I tryed to get another license for it and it still wouldnt take it. So in short It was working for some time and now it aint. My dolphin version is the latest -Dolphin 6.0.0005, and all other aspects of ray suite have the updated patch to 3.1.0000_free
ok I found the error and for some reason my main.xml file got changed from 3.1.0000_free to 3.1.0000 so problem solved thanx guys for your input, It just took for me to have a day I wasnt tired to figure this out.
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