Clearing comments from shoutbox

Garol posted 28th of February 2008 in Community Voice. 7 comments.
Is there a way to remove comments from shoutbox? I am a bit worried if someone types something derogatory how I would remove it.
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You can do that from the database
open phpmyadmin/DB(170)/
in the left find comments
you can click on it and remove the ones you dont want in there
I am losing it!!! its just shoutbox lol i read your blog wrong
Thanks for your quick reply mrpowless, I've been into phpmyadmin and opened shoutbox but don't see where to edit text..I have clicked empty but that didn't clear it, sorry to be so thick lol
if its not in the database it wont show on your site after afew refreshed...dont panic every webmaster learns to not paninc if your changes dont take effect immediately...IE really really likes to hang on to things

so if your shoutbox is empty in the DB then it's empty...even if you see it for now new users wont
rayshoutboxmessages is where the messages are stored.
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