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Stellman2003 posted 25th of September 2008 in Community Voice. 6 comments.

I have tried in recent days to modify the lay-out of the pages of couples
to remove the photo in duplicity.
for married couples, there is a picture of him or her, but the picture of the couple.
I want feedback from friends and suggestions regarding the matter.
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I would edit.
function showBlockPhoto

in templates/base/scripts/BxBaseProfileView.php
I thank the friend Topher:

Open /templates/base/scripts/BxBaseProfileView and find this code (around line 197)

function showBlockPhoto( $iCol, $bNoDB = false )
$iPID = 0;
if( $iCol == 1 ) {
$iPID = $this -> _iProfileID;
$sNickName = $this -> _aProfile['NickName'];
} elseif( $iCol == 2 ) {
if( !$this -> _aProfile['Couple'] )


Change that code to this:

function showBlockPhoto( $iCol, $bNoDB = false )
$iPID = 0;
if( $iCol == 1 ) {
$iPID = $this see more -> _iProfileID;
$sNickName = $this -> _aProfile['NickName'];
} elseif( $iCol == 2 ) {return;
Looks goo like that. but when you look at your account info it still shows both of the heads. Where can I look to get rid of it there at?
You are the greatest, thanks for the solution!
this only works in the profile field...doesn't remove it throughout the site like it should.

anyone have answers to this?
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