Couples in Quick Search

Stellman2003 posted 17th of August 2008 in Community Voice. 2 comments.

I've had a "problem" with the way COUPLES are treated in the newest version of Dolphin. Rather than couples being a seperate type of filed, they should actually be a distinct "sex"...meaning male, female or couple. In any case I need a way to modify quick search so it can pull down "seeking a..." male, female OR couple. Anybody? messages and ray too

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I have an sql file I have modified for dolphin 6.1.4 which puts couples in the sex options and adds couple in lookin for options... but it'd replace your Profiles, and RayChatCurrentUsers Tables in your database.. if you'd like to test the file on a new install so it won't mess up your current database, I can send you the file with instructions on how to use it.
I would like this file sir.
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