Crap Fonts are back, why?

sammie posted 21st of October 2008 in Community Voice. 8 comments.
When we were asked about improvements for unity when we moved from Expertzzz. one of the things that came up (i put it forward) was the crap fonts that has parts of letters missing and parts of letters bold in parts, making it difficult to read. i now notice after 8 months of nice readable blogs and forums. we have the shitty fonts back today, why? anyone else having issues reading the blogs and forums now?
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and now the formatting has gone too.
Someone should moderate your post.. follow the rules, if you have questions or need an assistance, use the forums...
for a 20 year old you are pretty dumb, but i guess you can read, so how about you reading the blog rules?

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rule #3 applies numb nuts
Andrew Boon
Hi Sammie

would you clarify what fonts exactly you're referring to?
the ones on here (this font) yesterday they where all clean and crisp, today they are back to the old style that where used on expertzzz
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