D6.1.5 Admin Login Page Error --> FIXED!

sombRIA posted 7th of May 2009 in Community Voice. 6 comments.

PROBLEM: Admin Login Screen

In the D6.1.5 Patch the new Admin Images are located in the admin/images/icons folder and need to be in the admin/images folder. Which is were they are being called from.


FIX: Move all the images from the admin/images/icons folder in the D6.1.5 Patch and upload to the admin/image directory.


verify: www.sombria.net/



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Thanks sombria, i was wondering how to fix that problem
Yes, Good find. Thanks for that
Thanks, looks alot better now :)
thanks for the info

had a question and I just figured it out... lol


I am not sure what you have *edited* but if you had a question, it's good to leave it on there and then if you get the answer, provide that too. This helps the community of dolphin users, when they come across the same problems.
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