Do you do this to?

wolf2217 posted 30th of July 2009 in Community Voice. 12 comments.

Ok so since the day beta 2 was released i installed it and started playing around with it from that day on including today.
I haven't been going to bed till 4-5am working on the beta version on my site.
I have uploaded videos, photos, a blog, submited news articles (2 in total), modified the template a tiny bit (menu hover, sitemap background, images etc.
Spent alot of time testing features as if it's the live version.
Now i know i'm going to have to reinstall Dolphin when the final version is out which seems like it's almost a waste of time going through that process of work.

I think it has it's ups and downs.
The upfall is that you're getting used to how the features work, where to go and you're finding bugs along the way of doing it so you cna report them.

The downfall is when it's time to install the full version you have to go through the same process as before.

Are you doing the same thing or are you just testing out the features to look for bugs?

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Jason aka wolf2217

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Andrew Boon
Well, that's pretty much the way you test things. So, to answer your question.. yes I do this too :)
hence the reason dolphin is what it is today :)
I like to say "You get rewarded for the hard work you do"
Now this is a great piece of marketing.

Make a post that flies under the radar - while still posting your site URL.

I'm not even being sarcastic. I think I'm going to use this myself. Not here though. That would be a bit obvious. But elsewhere.

Good post!

Oh, and yes - I do.
lol I don't post my link here to market it, i have this site posted in the Communities section already and besides i'm not going to make it my live site till the final release is out :)
Thanks for the comment though
Wow... theguypc...that's probably one of the OLDest tricks in the book, lol.
That trick is almost as old as creating a cheesy screen name to drum up business.. like "dolphin installers".
I do that yes! I test it thoroughly myself, it's good fun although it can be frustrating.
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