Dolphin 6.1.2 is ok?

houseperu posted 8th of July 2008 in Community Voice. 9 comments.

this is for boonex guys

the only thing that i wanna  know is all the bugs of the dolphin  6.1.2 are killed

im using the 6.1.1 and i planning to up grade it  but i  have the doubt p.

anothe thing is if some body could upgrade it for me

thanks your friend  houseperu

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So you want to own a community website, right? But you don't know to upgrade it. Well, Boonex was always clear into instructions guiding the users step by step. Now i don't want to sound mean but hey, is just a simple upgrade. You must take a deep breath and even make a 6.1.1 test version separate from your site, just to mingle with it. I mean, come on, you must learn something. Is for your own good. What you will do later when you get deeper into Dolphin exploring? Just take the patch and follow see more and read the instructions. Its easy.
my friend the problem is not upgrade, are the bugs.
I wanna know if the new version is OK
is dificult answer that???
install it yourself and find out. we cant speak about things you call bugs that are not bugs.

stop being rude to new users !

the question he was asking is if there are any bugs

the answer my friend is no ...

if you come across any bugs my friend then you need to post the bug you get into the forums so someone can help yah

hopefully this helps my friend :)
Thanks Technoman
sorry if i bother but im asking ´cause i have alot of problems with the 6.1.1
but i know that Dolphin is the one of the best software that i found on the internet.
One bug I know is in orca - the members can post topics if not use Firefox - anyone fix this ????
thank-you ( houseperu )

Yes Dolphin is 1 of the best Softwares around but like everything in software there will be issues that we all come across and thats where we need to ask or maybe there is a patch somewhere on here

if your going to upgrade this DOLPHIN 6.1 to 6.2

Please make sure you save your work before upgrading and if you come across errors for what ever reason then go back to 6.1 and let us know what errors you recieved

Good Luck !


well see more it worked finally for orca after installing the newest DOLPHIN from scratch but yes it may be you have POP-UP-BLOCKER enabled

what type of error you reciveing with FIREFOX or INTERNET EXPLORER when trying to post a reply in ORCA


if you have no users registered yet on your WEBSITE with DOLPHIN then i would if i were you just do a clean Install of the NEWEST DOLPHIN 6.2

thats only if you dont have any modifcations and you dont have any users ...

this was only a suggestion since you are recieving alot of errors with 6.1 ....

have fun .... :)
Hi Technoman
for tell you the true i could solve many problems in 6.1.1
I have some one like:
-the browse.php dont work corecctly, it show only some user.
-the button of log in of the pop up doesnt work with the template of 6.1.1 but it works with the template of the 6.1.2
- i can upload fiels over 20 mb insted that I change the php.ini, .htaccess. the config on the ray modules but nothing
i thing that they are my problems. thanks for your answer
and sorry for my english
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