Dolphin 6.1 Suggestions

Saks posted 6th of February 2008 in Community Voice. 2 comments.
Hi All,

I have got a few suggestions for the next version of Dolphin.

1) Friend Updates - If any one in the Boonex team is on facebook(WELL, ATLEAST SOME ONE SHOULD BE) they know what I am talking about. It is kind of an update thing that tells me for instance, that my Friend XYZ just changed his Picture (below this notificaiton i see a thumbnail of the new photo). Updates can include everything, like ZZY changed his About Me. KLM added "ASCENDANCY" and "Trivium" to his favourite Music blha blah !

2) Ive heard from some people that Dolphin sites in the past few months have got hacked. I dont really or exactly know how but im just here to notify, that apart from features saftey and vulnerabilites are also important factors in any software development.

3) Plus, I think independent albums like those on facebook should be addde too. AND ANOTHER IMPORTANT FEATURE is the ability to crop, rotate photos. Plus, im thinking im going too far but if its possible to be able to tag people in a picture it would be EXCELLENT.

That's all I could think of right now - hope to contribute more to this product. And BTW - great job on 6.0004 - For the first TIME the write up was so good and to the point. I could see from the write-up that this version was certainly BUG-FREE and I was very much write. I posted a comment in the blog with the same thing.


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Shoutbox Admin is a must! A few other features I'd love to see would be Group Videos (like group pictures - videos only viewable by that group), the ability to delete your own comments, comments on profile pictures, videos on profiles and the biggest request I have - DOCUMENTATION.

The last would be the biggest headache I've had with Dolphin/Ray/Orca. Now that Expertzzz has locked down their search feature (even for the "free" forums) it is virtually impossible to get help when I get see more stuck on something with Dolphin. Paying for support on a free product doesn't really make any sense, and in any case, we're Non-Profit & can't afford it.

One final request would be optomization so that Dolphin does not use as much resources. I keep hitting my host's max which shuts down my site (starts spitting out 500 Internal Server Errors)
Have installed D6.0.0004 and it work just fine. But there are still basic bloopers, like...

1. As a full member, he/she can rate his/hers own profile, profile photos. Rate own photos in own photo gallery
further he/she can "post comments" on his/her own photos and profile and "fave","report"photos in own photo gallery

This ought to be corrected a.s.a.p

2.Something for next patch.
When logged in and doing a "QUICK SEARCH", I can see myself on that see more list!!!!!

"Quick search":
My oppinion: With a large amount of members this list will be enormous and hard to get an overview. There ought to be a swapswitch "gallery view /list view" on that page. where "gallery view" is the same as when clicking "All members"
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