Dolphin 7 Alpha/Beta release?!

realmasterd posted 19th of February 2009 in Community Voice. 5 comments.

Hello from Germany,

can we get official information for release Dolphin 7 Alpha/Beta?

You have very fast support to said:
"Please take actions to remove/hide the version from your host till the official release and announcement from BoonEx. It is non-official version, so in fact, it can't be installed on your host before the official release."

My question is.  Why?

If you do not want someone sees it so make it not visible.

Best regards

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Andrew Boon
Consider it as a friendly request. Early dev version is too raw, but may inspire a lot of discussion, which may actually slow down the development.
We are web hosts and programmers for Dolphin projects, such as do you want future safe_mode off handle. in accordance with 6.1.4, we have changed the source code as well on safe_mode can be. is in the version 7, we must take into account or to yourself?
Spam...Spam...Spam, shame on you hawiligroup.
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