Dolphin 7 Beta 1 or 2 update to Beta 3 tip.

Darkcloud4491 posted 11th of August 2009 in Community Voice. 13 comments.

Ok if you are updating your beta version and have some members on your site (and what to keep them and don't know how) all you need to do is download the SQL table named Profiles  as an sql file.

Then upload all the new files for the new beta (do not remove the old ones) to the Directory of your dolphin install (eg. root/puplic_html). When you have done that install the new version ( i would use a new database) and set it up so that all the modules that you had installed on the old version are re-installed (ie. Facebook connect).

Then go to phpMyAdmin and Drop the table called Profiles on the new database.

Ok now open the SQL file you downloaded from the old database (most likly username_databasename [eg. root_dolphin2]) in notepad and select everything and hit ctrl+c (copy)

Then in php my admin run a new SQL query and past the SQL code (ctrl+v) into the box and hit run. This will add all the users back onto your site with there profile pics 

(this is alot beter that dolphin 6.* where it lost the pics).

I will also post another blog on how to gve users admin access.


hope this help out alot.


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Great tip. With the Betas, can I do the same for other data, such as uploaded videos or audio, or articles and forum info? Or will there be significant changes in the database structure once the final release is out?

I have asked this question in the forums, but havent got a firm answer. Will it be possible to upgrade from 6 to 7? I noticed you said it is a new sql layout, so will anything be written to migrate the data from 6 to 7 automatically?


You do realize that if the members have interacted with the site in any way, ie... upload media, posted something, if they've done anything at all..... that what you suggest won't work??
I second what houstonlively said
to what dpi said then yeah if you know what table the data is stored in then yeah it can me done with that infomation aswell. just remember to backup your SQL databse before youe edit it.

So, please do not invent and advise something that is not anticipated and will not work.

If we come across with any kind of such upgrades and mixes of betas bug reports from these users WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED
I think if you re-read the post you will find that this user has said nothing about using this on a production site, he is stating that if you have BETA testers and they have signed up and posted a few bits of information you can do a simple migration of information from one BETA to the next for some BETA testers who are testing on there own this might be useful rather than signing up again and again when a new BETA is released and installed.

Although I can understand the reasoning I can also see more see the other side of things also in that this can be detrimental to the testing but it's inevitable that users will always try to use the BETA as a production software no matter how many times it is stated not to.

If you read further down can someone please from Boonex provide a solid answer to the question of the potential upgrade path, if it has been answered then please post a link to the answer.
Andrew Boon
see moreC'mon guys, don't rush it. We know you really want to start early and so do we. We always did and always rushed out the releases.

THis time is different - D7.0 will be stable. Before then - I really recommend taking a blank list of paper and brainstorm/sketch your ideas and outline your plans. Keep the simple, keep the best ideas only, explore competition, target audience, talk to people, test other sites. You may well realize that these few weeks of cooling off period save you years of frustration.
Hi guys,
I am not interested in upgrading to the Beta, what I have been trying to figure out is if there will be an upgrade from 6 to the final release of 7? I have heard that the database is very different and some have suggested that an upgrade wont even be possible. I am hoping someone at Boonex can confirm or deny this? I would assume some sort of upgrade would be made for the best interest of current Dolphin users.
This was alreday state earlier by Boonex. Only some parts maby can st over. D7 has so many changes in the total layout, that Upgrading from 6 o 7 not will happen.
i don't think there will 'coz the SQL database has a new layout.
If my website users have to go from D6 to D7 with no upgrade path and no transfer of files or anything it will ruin my site, these users already had the original site shut down by the owner, and I will be forced to probably do the same. Everytime this question comes up no definitive answer is provided by the Boonex Staff they see the comments odviously as two of them have posted here, and yet they never actually come right out and give us an honest and solid answer why is that, what's the point see more in hiding this information yes there will be an upgrade script or no there will not be an upgrade script.

What will be upgradeable and what will not, these are simple questions that require a simple yes or no answer, not speculation from other community members, we want a solid answer from Boonex from a Boonex Staff member. Come on already we are patiently waiting the release of D7, and now we just want to know if our sites are stuck on the D6 Bugged and Hosed release or if we will be able to take advantage of all the fancy new features of D7.
dolphin 6.* is uipgrade able to 7 only if you are a master of SQL with D7 they changed the Databnase layout so you would have to realy be 100% sure you know what you are doing.
So essentially we are stuck with a Dolphin 6 install with over 500 members that doesn't work half the time and most of the features quit with the last upgrade. Amazing! And I've been waiting patiently for D7, under a false hope that an upgrade would be available. I should have moved to phpfox when I originally wanted to.
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