Dolphin 7 (Hookie) BETA 3

Andrew Boon posted 7th of August 2009 in . 97 comments.

Beta 3 is ready. This time we had a really lengthy list of reports, which translated to a big deal of polishing work. We hope you have some time to spend on testing this iteration and tell us about your observations.

Download Dolphin 7b3

Post your feedback to forum

There's a still a handful of usecases where we're not happy with how things work and we still make some tweaks here and there. Your feedback is very welcome - it's always a great help.

P.S. Online Demo will be updated at the beginning of the next week.

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It's 6:10am and i am off to work :(...will test tonight, all weekend etc.
Thanks for the update.
Thanks !!! you guy are the best :)
i hope that this version will have less bugs !
Thanks .... looking forward for the demo
Installed as part of our site the beta 3 test version. You point out the usual problems with the video management, including embed.
This is the address of installation:

Greetings from Italy and good work to the staff boonex.
Andrew Boon
Yeah, we found some stuff too, but anyway, a bug report to forum with conditions of the test would be very welcome.
Great so far
Uploaded and installed within 5 minutes. Flash video uploader works now. Going to check some other issues now.

Great Job!!! at Boonex
Good Work,
hope to work on it and install it a.s.a.p!
Just asking... Andrew, or any of the programmers, what do you think the upgrade process will be like?

Will it be simpler to just re install it and have a script that just moves items over from one database to a brand new one?

What about photos, will there be a script that just automatically resubmits them to the new site letting the new site re compile everything instead of trying to 'make it fit'

any response from the Boonex team would be nice
Andrew Boon
Upgrade from 6.x to 7.0?

That would be a very dramatic and likely painful procedure. We know it's a huge problem and plan to work with it actively. We'll definitely have a bunch of scripts and instructions for some for the data transferring and will cooperate as much as we can.
Can you post a login button on the feedback forum? Was wondering if the new site has a better photos section. It is over kill to have an avatar just be an avatar...the photo should also get thrown in to the profile photos box as sometimes you only get one shot to get a photo from your customer.....also all photos should allow you to zoom in.....not just the regular big photos have the profile photos unzoomable (is that a word) is not condusive to having a nice profile. Thanks for the see more new post...sometimes even if you have nothing new to offer it is nice to see the new post with an update.
Andrew Boon
Please, oh please, don't let your comments get lost, post them to forum as suggestions - thus they may be placed in queue for development. Your points are worthy a bigger discussion.
Is it just me - or is someone else experiencing a much faster dolphin?
I installed it on the same server as beta 2 - but every page loads now more than 2 times faster. great!
Also flash uploader (photos) works now in safari and the modules are linked correct! But still the problem with the menu background images remains...
I think the better cacheing of pages and trimmed code makes it faster
Andrew Boon
It is much faster. Some modules have been optimized to be load pages up to 10 times faster. Cacheing, trimmed code - yes, also DB changes helped.
Can't wait to play around on it. Thanks for the hard work. I hope everything comes together very soon. I'm very excited to update my site with this new software.
Has anyone figured out the upload video problem yet. I have cron and permissions set correctly. Nothing uploads to my folders and nothing processes. No video and sound uploads.
Andrew Boon
Post to forum with your testing conditions, please.
Thanks for the next beta. In the process of installing. hopefully should not have any issues.
Great Job
Love the idea of setting extensions for file types, image types, video types and sound types.
I see alot has been done and far that i've seen.
Thanks for the update...Will be spending my weekend testing :)
Thank you unoboonex - #FR# Merci beancoup..

#FR#Qui connais hébergeur bien pour dolphin 7b3 ?

ho know good host for dolphin 7 Beta3 ?

check ici
Vous cherchez un serveur dédié?
Flash Apps not showing in the admin panel of dolphin on A Windows Server ?

reinstalled it 3 times
Andrew Boon
Pretty please, post bug reports to the forum.
thank you for this wonderful soft.
every time i upload sound/video it goes fine except it show zero length file and i can't play it
i don't have RMS server as i am using shared webhosting.
you can see what i mean in this site
it has demo of Dolphin7 Beta 3
Thank you very much for your advice
Andrew Boon
Post this to forum, please.

Besides, you'd have troubles with video/audio if you don't have RMS. There's currently no way to stream video without Media Server.
Can't wait till this is all finished! I will test, test and test. Congrats on yet another fantastic Dolphin application. You never cease to amaze me. Keep up the GREAT work!!

~ Tom
Thanks a lot unoboonex...

Can't wait to see the release candidates to come ...
merci, pour ces liens.. et vos mail..

thank you for mail
Great news and one step closer to final release!!!

btw, is there a time frame set for the final release?

thx boonex!!!
Ok you guys have been working really hard and are doing a fantastic job.
And Yes I can't wait for D7 to be stable but what happened to getting the last few niggly bits finished on 6.1.7? Has this been forgotten?
There's only a few tickets left to close on 6.1.7 surely this can be done quite quickly, I have some sites that I wont be upgrading to D7, that need these bugs sorted especially the passworded rooms in AV chat.
Andrew Boon
6.1.7 is not forgotten, but is planned to be released after 7.0 or along with it.
Thank you so much.
I'm quite busy because of my book and going to Florida, but I need to spend some time testing now.
Overall its looking very good. However I am very disappointed that couples still has not been fully intergrated.
Whe you approve a couple you actually only half approve them (the 1st profile id number of 2 for couples) and the only way to approve the second id number is manually in the database.
Andrew Boon
Report to forum, please. Sounds like bug to me.
I reported a few bugs, no reply to my email and they are not fixed. I guess testing is a waste of my time?

And why such a weird couple system, just add a third gender...
Andrew Boon
Report bugs to forum, as suggested, please.

As for couples, there was a huge discussion about it and there's still a lot of different opinions. We have a few ideas for a more generic implementation, which is planned for 7.1.
Finally an answer. If you want me to post bugs on the forum dont place a 468x60 banner what says please report bugs and link it to an emailaddress.

We work a lot with couple's on our datingsite and did a lot of research. The thing is couples don't care to share a profile. Now you have a half working weird system. Why not start with a simpel third gender for the final release and release a more complicated one in a later version.

We are planning to move a dating site with over 20.000 members see more (30% couples) to Dolphin 7, and of course we can tweak the script but that will give problems with updating. Again a basic couple system (3th gender) will be nice.

This is the one of the big problems we have with Dolphin at the moment.
The page builder still does not work
working for me as far as I can tell
boogerd... How did you get it to work? what browser are you using. On mine it just says loading..... but nothing happens
What the hell,do you even check that everything thats suppose to work does. Things that worked on beta 2 do not work in beta 3. There is no excuse for this happening, if it works leave it alone.
I agree with you 100%. Seems we taking 1 step forward and 2 steps back...sad...
Absolutely agree, we are going in circles and its making me F*&^%$#@G sick. This is THE WAY to make ppl hate you!!!
Andrew Boon
Can I join the party? If you let me know (via forum, please) what's not working and under what conditions exactly, I'd grab a torch and would go fight with the "unholy light" till I die (figuratively).
After beta 3 upload, I can't even get the site to load. Server not found
The photo album upload is working better, but the sounds upload is still not updating the uploaded songs once done. You can't tell if it completed. Maybe there needs to be a large popup message that stated Complete and then it should forward to the album it just uploaded once all the info has been entered. Navigation is just not streamlined, which will have the users guessing as what to do next. not a good thing.
Andrew Boon
Yep, noticed that, and with photos in some browsers too (Flash unloader).

pssst... we shouldn't be discussing bugs here ;| , post to forum, t's where techs are actually listening/
Nice speed on the loading BTW - just having an issue now on guest not being able to view any files on the site - I have privacy settings set to public, but that doesn't work.. where are the guest permission settings located??
Andrew Boon
Forum, please.

Here's how it works: if you want to discuss something - you post to forum. Blogs comments is actually just that - comments to the blog post.
If we create profile field changes, page layouts, etc, and then do a full structure backup of our changes, can we later "restore" this backup on a future beta release? Otherwise we have to keep starting all over again with each new beta. A certain person on the forums gets very angry with me whenever I ask this so I wish someone from Boonex would let us know if this will be possible.
I just tested this with a Beta 2 install. I did a full backup (structure and content), and put it into the "fresh" install of Beta 3. Sadly, the page layouts and field mods did not migrate over. This tells me that it is stored in one of the files on the server.
Thanks Medfordite, I'm saving the table backups of most of the changes I make. Also will keep a full structure and content "snapshot" everytime I try to upload a table. That way, if I muck something up, at least I will able to revert to something that works. I appreciate your testing this.
Andrew Boon
It may or may not work. Every next beta is likely to have less changes, so it only becomes safer, but still it's not something we can support, yet.
Gee... I wonder who he's talking about. If you want Boonex to answer this.... again.... you should probably start one of those animal worship blogs and sneak the question in. Most folks that post in those sort of blogs are smarter than a tree full of owls, and should know the answer to this.
You don't mind if I start calling you "McNasty" do you? And no, I don't know the answer to this.
Plus you haven't been waiting nearly as long as many of us for this. Exactly one year ago yesterday, there was a post by Boonex that "the next big thing" was right around the corner. I have been growing old waiting so am naturally going to use every trick I know to try to speed things up a bit.
p.s. Is a tree full of owls supposed to be smart or dumb? I have no idea.
Boonex - if not a "full structure and content" restore will at least individual table restores see more likely work- for example the profile fields? That alone would save a ton of work.
Andrew Boon
@ houstonlively

You know me too well. :)


You may see how we actually carry over the DB in the online demo of the D7B (now updated to B3 BTW), so, the answer is yes, but there MAY be troubles, and we don't support that.
i have download it and use it bu it is not working in internet explorer 5 why this is happening can it be fixed please

boonex 6 is working good but 7 is not working can it be solve
Andrew Boon
Explorer 5? Without fear of sounding harsh I have to tell you one word - upgrade.

1. If you can't upgrade due to slow machine - use Firefox, it's not resource-intensive.

2. If you don't control the machine and it's all admin's fault - buy yourself a computer and install a newer browser, or kick the shit out of your admin.

3. If you're concerned about your site visitors, here's the news: we don't support IE5, and we don't support IE6. These two buggers have to die for good and every developer see more in the world have to so say NO to them. Heck, we even personally met with leading IE developers, voiced our concerns and all they had to say is, you guessed - UPGRADE.
WHy are we going in circles boonex ???

Can we have an answer or will you just shoot another Beta at us to shut us all up ???
Andrew Boon
Gimme the question and I'll give you the answer.
When are we getting the complete package ?

Look enough cutting the corners just give me a honest answer ?

Look at the blogs not the money Andrey!
The idea is - release it when the bugs are gone - beta beta beta until there is a likely candidate - then release it - and then if there are no bugs... version 1.

But surely you know this technodude?

I would like to give advice on this section.
Would it be possible to add in the "Samples" the different blocks (html, special block etc...) of all applications and features.

For example I need to add a part of the block "Join.php" in mine home page, how can I do?

There is no such possibility until now in Dolphin.

It would be wonderful.

Do not think it would be a good thing?
Andrew Boon
Look, you have a nice advice, valid and I'm sure we can discuss it. You post as a comment to blog. That's only going to kill it before anyone notices.

Comments - they are, like, you know, something unnecessary, they could be removed from the blog and it'd still serve it's purpose. Whatever you post in comments is just "airing" your opinion, or mood, if you will.

So, please, post your suggestion to the forum, as I've politely asked in my initial post.

Thank you.

great inprovement whith perma links from beta 2 stil
there is one left that can nt be disabled the one next to the dashboard the pic of the little man still is a perma link wich can not be modified

and the download button is not working in ie8 its working in safari google chrome and firefox but not in ie8
Good job guys, keep up the good work.

Installed no issue.
Video uploader still does not work properly. It looks like its uploading correctly but it doesnt play or show preview
this is (i think the first) in german translated boonex dolphin 7 community. half beta 2 and beta 3 with self fixed bugs and integrated features. includes an irc chat (qwebirc)... videos run fine with an included graybox (it's only for admin) members use the video uploader (i called this "ajax uploader" works good) ... boonex dolphin 7 is cool and a hard work for the developers :-) you can visit my page at

sry. for my english :-)
Dolphin 6.6 upgrade to 7 Beta. Database tables are different.
Nice Job, but why I have in the "date of birth" field the error "Unknown control type" and the demo is working fine??
hello together, the installation went very well, now I have only one and that is the problem for me the buttons and background images of the bar is not displayed.
plz look to arabic lang plz in ray ( chat vedio and mp3 )
MP3 load but they wont play anyone else have this problem. What is the fix
This is some awesome software. I do have one wish for it though. It would be nice if any content could be placed into any groups of which you are a member. For example, if I create a blog post, I want to be able to place it into any of my groups. I'd also like to be able to place videos or any other content into any group (even more than one group) without having to go to the group and upload it there.
Thanks Andrew,

This new version came up running right out of the box! (Still have a problem with the installer when you change the permissions on the /inc folder....)

Will be testing the heck out of it this weekend!
Cannot download beta 3, is there a problem??
Sir, How can I change my dolphin 6 to the new version dolphin 7 without affecting my members current profiles?
It seems it is not working properly with Internet Explorer-6. Can we have this fix?
Also is it possible that the forum use phpBB instead of orca or if not, please make orca message posts appear friendly on web searches. Thank you.
Thanx for the developpers of (Boonex) community software. I have a good community software on a dedicated server (2x500GB) for 49EU a month.
Hi nice work done but could plz tell me how can i update the dolphin 6.1.5 version to Dolphin 7 (Hookie) BETA 3 without loosing my members.

kindly reply me as early as possible.
I installed beta 7b4 having issues with the flash app its not working please advise
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