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VictorT posted 22nd of December 2009 in . 27 comments.

Polishing and wiping bugs in Dolphin 7 take us time to make it clean. And RC4 shows well how close we are!

Along with the previous RC releases, this one comes with a proper upgrade script too, which will automatically update your files (unless you made script modifications) and will keep the site data and settings in place.

Please, try this package and let us know how it rolls.


Check out the list of bugs fixed in RC4

Download Dolphin 7 RC4

Upgrade Instructions from RC3-to-RC4

Download RMS RC4

Online Demo (upgraded to RC4)

Upgrade from 6.1.6-to-7.0 (it is not official yet and for test purposes only)

Report bugs, post suggestions in Forums

Check out Trac for the progress of the next milestone.


BoonEx iPhone App Discussion Forum Group

A separate Forum Group for BoonEx iPhone App is opened in Unity Forums. We welcome your active participation in testing out iPhone App and post your reports and feedback in the appropriate place.

All-in-all, don't forget to comment in comments and discuss in forums. Not the other way around.

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ok and for testing the boonex iphone app will we get the source code also???
Thanks all boonex team :)
I felt the upcoming rc4 was close at hand. I think there will be final before year's end? Downloading now.

Thanks Boonex, You rock ...
Thanks Boonex!
Will be performing the upgrade soon.

Nice, will update right away :) Thanks for everything..
I personally believe that we should not rush into nothing labeled as "final" (7.0) until we don't reach a maximum of 10 tickets per version..

There is A LOT to test and live websites will help more than anything.. So let's keep it testing before we call anything good to be the official 7.0..
It doesn't make any difference at all what they call it, but unfortunately these RCs are coming out with minor issues addressed, and major functions ignored.
Indeed.. I've said something similar to your point of view.. I was referring that we should not rush things just to have a brand new RC or a final version.. We need to fix things before we move on.. Fixes must be now not after the "celebration"..
Today I noticed in "trac" that only 2 tickets were left and I was quite sure that rc4 will be out after few hours and here it is!....thanks!
rc3-rc4 went smooth.
question: inc folder is not longer mentioned to set to unwritable compared to pevious versions. Is that alright?
Looks like most of the really critical issues were left out. Your Trac system is dysfunctional. we can usually only get the most important functional issues into trac by repeatedly bouncing the topic on the forum, as Boonex will only respond if it is at the top when they look. This is impacting the quality of D7.
Glad to see RC4 out, but we really need a bugs forum to post just bugs. Its not worth posting on some issues as they will be utterly ignored by boonex because they don't want to fix it in the first place, or its not on the top 5 of the Beta & RC forum post.
I totally agree. The trac system is completely dysfunctional. They don't even seem to have a way of prioritizing the problems. The developers shouldn't be the ones who decide what gets addressed- there should be a QA person for that.
I just wanna know if you have made the calendar from the site stats according to present date recording. The previous version D6 monthly and yearly stats depends on the day of installation and not on real time month. I mean, for example, if you have installed dolphin sometime in the middle of March, therefore your monthly recording starts in the 15th and ends also half of next month and your yearly recordings starts on March instead of January. Because of this, to probably make the monthly and yearly see more recordings correct, is it advisable to install Dophin software exactly Jan. 1 of a particular year? Thus making your members this month and this year record exactly as scheduled.

Also may I suggest that you add reciprocal banner linking to other sites to make traffic and networking stronger.

Thank you.
How many RC's before a final version ?
Great news, when is the final version release ?

are there any specific time ?

thank you
bonnex 官方啊!!何时才出正式版呢?我已经等了快一年了。
yes, when is the final version release?
rc5? rc6 ? or rc99999?
how i can turn off the "record comment video" feature ?
Yes, the same question:

When is the final version??

When the final RMS?? I need the stable version for my hosting install it, if not my media files will not fuction!!!!
And the final version is... RC912933847586???
Thanks for working on this. Other developers probably took the week off.

And what do you people want, more RC's or more mini versions (7.1, 7.1.2, 7.1.3, etc.)?

What is your point? It makes no difference what anything is called. They need a way to ensure that major issues are addressed- parts of the join form still don't work properly - the most critical part of the system.
why don't the Desktop App work when downloaed from the
demo site install says file damaged 5 users told me this

video chat still not support unicode. Can u fix it ?
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