Dolphin 7 - Mobile Version

Zarcon posted 7th of February 2010 in Community Voice. 6 comments.

I am aware that Boonex has now headed towards iPhone and Android (I wish would hurry) app stores, But what about those who do not have either?

Back in the D6 days, there was a way (Mod) to turn your site into mobile friendly. So does anyone know of someone who may be creating a mobile version of D7 for those who would like to access via a mobile device that is NOT an iPhone or Android product?

I would be interested in what others had to say or suggest here.


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I vote for Mobile Version of D7 or Jar version.
Android users are very less compared to symbian.
jar/jad version will be a neutral platform for everyone.
I'm not sure if this is what you mean because I refuse to bother with those little mini noise-boxes.
They scare me when they ring - you never know what might come blaring out of it...anyway the
mobile website is: and it's free too.
Any chance of Dolphin 7 becoming available for Windows Mobile 6 devices?
mobilesitegalore is not free in real sense. since the free version can build only 3 pages.

ESASE has a mobile version and it works on symbian and Java devices. you can check it out, though it's still in need of a lot of features.
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