Dolphin 7 Not For Everyone

fidelg3 posted 13th of March 2009 in Community Voice. 11 comments.

I've been reading some of the comments about the new Dolphin 7 and some are unfavorable. Those that have issues with it most likely think so because it lacks a feature.

What they are overlooking is that it has so many other features built-in. It is very  difficult for a software of this magnitude to satisfy everyone because once eveyone takes for granted so many of its feature, they start asking for more and more. Ultimately when a company cannot deliver some feature X, some people leave to find some other software.

Let's not overlook and take for granted what Boonex has done and is doing, while focusing on some obscure, missing feature which may satisfy some minor inkling. Boonex deserves a stand up ovation for what they are bringing to the market.

For those of us who can truly recognize and appreciate what Boonex is doing, let's roll with it. Let's make the best use of this as we possibly can. I wish you great success in your own use of this marvelous piece of software. I also hope you will always offer positive feedback, and constructive criticism, so that Boonex can make it even better.


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Couldn't agree more, was a bit taken back by some of the responses, The way I understood it, it was a peak at the unfinished product, with that clearly laid out in the post by unoboonex, I am standing up in ovation and will wait for the beta release with anticipation Thanks Boonex Looks Great!
clebarron, thanks for your comment. You made a great point that the link provided to us is just a preview of the new Dolphin. When they officially release the full-blown version then we can all say whether or not any feature X is built in.
Here, here, exactly... everyone is pitching in and saying what about this, what about that??? Boonex can not possibly cover and grant every persons wishes as to what they want included... As with previous incarnations of dolphin (adapt to what you need, if possible..... or NOT!)... Not everything is possible with anything in this world. For the most part, things (including software) are built for a particular purpose not for every little thing that someone needs or wants. Please everyone also see more understand this is not the end product and Boonex are still working on it. They have said so and have provided enough information that should make people realise that this is not the end product and some features are not working and are still in progress as far as development goes or are being fine tuned. Yes we all have questions about this, that and the other... will it do this, will it do that.....Patience my friends, patience... Few of us have it (including me) but, we all need to take a step back and say... Hey Boonex, WOW! You guys have been working so hard on this and WOW! loving what you have done so far.... Can't wait to see what you do next. Yes we all want that extra feature and can make that suggestion but please, please do not crucify Boonex if it does not happen... Anyway enough of my ramblings... Bring it on Boonex... Give me the chance to break it like everyone else will and let's see what the future holds.
Totally agree with you. Its basic economics ... resources are scarce and wants are unlimited.

You know everyone can not live the lives of a million people. Similarly, each software can not have all the feautres of a million social networking websites.

What has been done for D7 is good enough.

Well done Boonex Team.
I have invested more than 500 bucks in dolphin 6.1 if I change to 7 Ill lose all that so I don't know what to do I have many mods installed on dolphin 6.1. What should I do!
You won't need mods in d7 there is so much for users to do how on earth can they get bored with the site.
It's Okay to have a wish list but its just that a wish. No, BoonEx can't please everyone at the same time. This is an ongoing process our wish list gives them ideas to better the software.

It seems BoonEx is always under attack for something most people problem is not being able to see the big picture. This company has a great product... it may not be perfect but I think someday it will be the best community sotware out there in every expect.
Most people probably take a negative vote for the fact that d7 is sooooooooooooo slow. Someone on a dial-up connection could never get the page up. Even with a DSL connection, Dolphin 7 still loads way way slower than any dial up connection ever did before. Life is short, why spend most of it waiting for software to load a webpage for you?
Barber if you have a look at the latest blog about d7 your see the following

"... speed and security. Although we made quite a few improvements, we still plan to use the professional services of MySQL consultants and security verification consultants to improve the script when all features are in."

When the features are in they will work on speed.
As Kathy would say "here's the thing"... some of the comments may seem negative to some people, but they are not necessarily negative. At the end of the 7 announcement post, the creators asked for input about bugs, problems and wants.... soooo... that is what they are getting. It does not mean that we do not think they are doing a great job. However, suggesting new features or noting problem areas will save them a lot of upgrade time in the future. Those that say "great job" without see more pointing out any negatives, will have to put up and shut up in the future.
What is so wrong with pointing out problem areas like the menu bar, which is a great idea but needs work. Nothing that I can see.
Member of my networks will always complain, but I take it as helpful suggestions rather than regarding it as an insult.

In the end result it also helps ourselves and others to better understand either the limits of the software or the possiblities.

Personally. I say keep on with the input. Good or bad. Maybe I am just too, too American but most of us really BELIEVE in our 1st amendment rights.
These are some great comments. I tell you what....this is an awesome community because it has some very thoughtful and immersed members.

The moral of the story for me is that there are no right or wrong perspectives about Dolphin.

Thanks to all for making this a very interesting conversation.
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