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HernanL posted 23rd of July 2009 in Community Voice. 24 comments.

Hi everybody,

When I started using dolphin my first impression was that it had a lot of functions, blocks, etc. It really looked great to me, for a while. Then I realized most dolphin sites look quite similar, regardless of the template they use.

So, what I´d like to propose is a competition to see what graphic designers and developers can achieve and how far can they take this script.

The idea would be to get templates that include all dolphin features and functions but that look as little as v6.1x templates as possible (of course, they must look like "normal portal-like" websites).

As in any serious competition, there should be prices to winners. I suggest monetary prices. We could all bid a small, fixed amount (5-10u$d), on the templates we like the most and at the end of the competition get a copy of our winner. Boonex could drop some u$s as well!!! ;-) Since they would also benefit from this in a promotional level.

Same type of competition could be set for mods.

What do you think?


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Andrew Boon
If there's interest from designers we are for it and would certainly $upport.
We are interested and im sure once you make an announcement a lot of other designers will be as well.
I think ist neccessery to got more new Designs for the new version, else people will go to others scrips. But not everyone can make this. So designers come on and show us your skills in programming and designing. :)
I'm just going to have to jump into this. Never designed a template before but I really can't resist the chance to play with this and use what I've learned about designing.

Hmmmm.... I'm wondering... Does anything think a hot pink with lime borders and flourescent orange text would sell?
Ok, if Mydatery is in then I have to be. Already have a template in D& in the works. Let the battles begin.
Good Idea Hernan. All sites look like same and very few good quality templates available.
I like the idea alot, and i have already started designing blueprints for several templates (not color variations, full templates).
Soon to be seen! :)
Amazing, guys! Let´s spread the news and work with Boonex to see how to implement this competition.
Can´t wait to see results!!!
I think it's an excellent idea, It would also be good for boonex to offer a couple of templates with the standard package (the winnners?) - to give some idea of the capabilities of the product.

Thumbs up here.
Absolutely ! Wonderful idea.

Let's start the competition then ...
This would be cool.

just wondering, any little apps in the works like the once on fb....example scrabble?
Hi Robin,
Please post a new thread so that your message can be read. This post/blog was about a template competition, not about applications, etc.
Ps. I do not know of any application like that.
Ok, here is the idea.

All those designers/coders/programmers who want to participate in this competition should apply using a form provided by Boonex.

They would have to complete all necessary details, including what they plan to do. That is, a short description of the project. Of course, each one will keep the details of the new design secret if they wish to.

The competition would last for 30 days, let´s say (or less).

After that deadline, each participant will have to upload their see more templates so that we can all try the demos.

Prizes, rewards and user participation

As stated above (wrong spelling, sorry) would be monetary. Each designer will collect the whole amount of bids received for his/her template, plus whatever contribution by Boonex (licenses, or any other prize).

Eeach user will bid a fixed amount of money for the template/s he/she likes. Bids should be of 5u$d, so everybody could participate and should be done through the donation button or any other one specifically created for this matter.

All templates will become property of Boonex so that they can later sell them at a small price (let´s say 20u$d).

Those who participated as bidders will get a copy of the template they bid for, FREE.

Designers will afterwards also benefit for customization charges of the new designs.

This is a draft, so, of course you can add/change/delete whatever you consider appropriate.

Kind regards,

is a good idea to start something bigger.. will be interesting to have a monthly competition for templates and mods, the winners should receive a banner on the front page of expertzzz for 1 month (till the next competition). Also the templates that won this competition should be labeled something like "template of the month - august 2009" or "modification of the month - august 2009" and distinguished with a nice ribbon :) also will be nice to have template and mod picks by the see more boonex staff.. in a similar system.. this would surelly animate the website every month and encourage designers and programmers to work with more dedication.. also the designers and programmers should collect the awards and be visible in the profile, a top for designers\programmers will also be nice.. (titles won) yearly\all time etc..
Ok, Guys, how and when do we start??
see morePersonally I don't believe this just about templates...there are plenty of those out there. The vast majority of sites look and smell the same and show a great lack of imagination. I am somewhat shocked by the great technical knowledge here not translating to sites created that are anything but bland if not ugly.

Why not have a best site competition based on say the homepage and non standard menu items. The downside is the best sites will start to get copied. Am I concerned about betcha.
One might have plenty of ideas, but no technical knowledge. That´s why I suggested that those who do have the ability to create new things do that and we will support them.
You´ll have news about this soon!
this sounds like a really cool idea! I would definitely be down to work on a template for the competition, just let me know when we have some more details!
I must say that the initial allure of the platform was the first sentence from the product blurb:

"Want to build your own community? Now you're limited only by your imagination, not by your software."

This thread exemplifies my frustration with just that; I want something very similar to the core engine but something drastically different than a cookie-cutter FaceBook/MySpace knock-off on the front end. My imagination is raging forward but so far I'm feeling a little hamstrung by see more the lack in modulation.

I would consider this important to the platform and the community, don't let the grass-roots momentum tail off here! You guys need to elect a PM for this contest.
good idea .. hope it happens !
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