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Zarcon posted 10th of November 2009 in Community Voice. 6 comments.

I have been reading through the tickets created and it seems that most of these were not "critical" (I'm not saying none were not). The fixes have been relatively simple code edits. Remove this part of code, add this part of code kinda thing.

Currently there are 17 tickets:

6 are labeled as "enhancements"

8  are unassigned (6 of which are enhancements)

Correct me if I am wrong but.. It seems that a RC version could have been released already instead of people complaining about loading, testing, re-loading betas, and even losing people to other social networking scripts. If most of these fixes are just simple code changes, why haven't you released a RC version and just provide updates or service packs for bugs that have been discovered. I have not seen any fixes that required a database change or a complete overhaul, as of yet.

Here is the reason I say this:

People could load Dolphin 7 and use as a "LIVE" site, if they chose to. Updates or service packs that contain ONLY the changed files would be available for fixes. For instance, a "critical" bug was found when joining the site. It required a code change in the Join.php and BxProfileView.php. You could release a hofix that contained only those 2 files and we would only have to upload and overwrite the existing files. It's not like D7 is completely "unfunctionable" at it's current state, just needs a little fine tuning.

People who create "mods" for dolphin can go ahead an start re-coding to fit the D7 environment so that members could download/purchase within a reasonable amount of time. It seems that some developers are not even going to start modding for D7 for a while even after it's RC release (just some that I have read).

With the expectations that D7 will be available possible by the end of week (please don't count on that), this blog may be a little late. However, this could possibly eliminate alot of "noise" from your members. This would also allow your members to run D7 and your developers could focus on the enhancements to create Enhancement Service Packs that include several requests from members without the delay of running D7.

These are just merely suggestions, not complaints. Any comments or suggestions or completely welcome.


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This makes FAR too much sense for Boonex and this forum.
Nathan Paton
I was wondering the same thing, actually.
If D7 were anywhere close to being bug free, I'd agree with you. Currently, there are 69 tickets... not 17. Many are closed, marked as 'fixed', but as we all know by now, maybe they're fixed.... maybe they're not. You'll have to wait for the next build to find out.

These 69 tickets were entered at a time when a lot of people didn't even bother to install beta 8 after reading the initial reports from those that did. I really find it hard to grasp, how anyone can call the next build a Release see more Candidate.

Sure, Boonex has stated that there will be upgrades starting at the RC stage, but that doesn't mean it's going to be a flawless process from RC1 through RC12. There's a very good chance that providing upgrades between RCs will slow the overall development. If some people decide to use an RC on a live site, and "upgrades" have problems, and screw up their sites, they'll be demanding that Boonex fix the upgrade. Of course, if everything goes perfectly, there will be no problems, but when's the last time you saw that happen around here?

One thing is almost certain... there is no way a new RC will be out as often as the Betas. Bugs have to be fixed, then the upgrade script has to possibly be modified and debugged. Not only will people be reporting installation, and functional bugs, we'll now have new upgrade bugs. I think we'll be real lucky if we see a new RC every 2-3 weeks.

The new phpIDS module integration affects the entire D7 site, and it's operational readiness has barely been tested. You can call it whatever you want to, but the next build is just another beta. There's no way its a Release Candidate.
What he said.

At this pace we'll probably be playing with RC3 by Xmas. With the whole new issues that the RCs will likely unveil, D7.0 Final could be seeing the light of day by next Spring (kind of poetic).

Regardless, the ultimate focus should be to make this thing as stable and bug-free as possible.
Having an RC as soon as it would be logically possible (maybe leaving out the enhancements , which i can't judge for their cerrectness, or the simpler css fixes), would mean many of us could finally start or go on making modules and templates in a much steadier pace.

Nevertheless one has to keep in mind that this will also mean that us and only us would be responsible to keeping them up-to-date to the latest RC hotfixes, and complying to the Dolphin platform.

With the upcoming of see more D7 Boonex provides us with many more tools to develop and overcome most major problems (by tools i mean ready-to-use functions, templating system and other technical stuff already enclosed in D7). I see no reason for one to start developing a mod, as long as it is within the reasonable expectations of clients (you can't ask one to develop Youtube,FB,Twitter and Myspace all in one pack for one client) and as long as the developer does his job the right way (keep the stepping stones of the platform, so that even with a hotfix, he'll simply upgrade his own mod to v1.1 and overcome the incompatibilities in minimum time) Heck, i got 4 mods under construction already (they might look like MichelSwiss's home but i'm working on it,lol)!

How could a developer demand from boonex any hotfix? We're actually spin-offs to the platform, and we should comply to it, not the platform to us! The biggest difference between the already existing betas and a well-figured RC should be a fully developed SQL db that won't alter/change for every minor bug, and that is 99% already done!

The biggest thorn here ows to be security. No matter what, even an RC driven live site, should be at least safe enough for the user. But here comes the other issue, the one of the security flaws a third party module could have...a pretty touchy point.

A small hint here.
Till now we had D6.x.x with most mods applied on a Live site by various ways.Running a script to alter/update SQL, adding some code to a vast number of php files etc. This made the development of a module really slow and it's application even harder, but it's outcome absolutely great. Each developer could practically change anything/everything on the platform and simply create cool mods that enhance the platform greatly.
Now we have to do it by the book! We may not feel so free as to change it the way we want to (or the way it is easier for us) but it surely is faster (if not rapid) and safer (secure, upgradable, with a nice software life-cycle).
8 tickets to go!
By the way i just saw the 7.1 assigned tickets... it's a long way to 7.1
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