Dolphin for a good purpose, saving a dead Language!

selo12 posted 1st of April 2009 in Community Voice. 6 comments.


I have been using Dolphin serious for about 3 months now.

I must admit it is much better then all the other scripts/softwares out there..

At the moment I have made a website for the language of an old nomadic tribe(it will also be added on unesco's dying languages list) that is about to die. Speakers of this language did not know about each other but with this website we have been able to locate many of the villages were they used to speak this language. I guess this tribes population is about 100.000-150.000, we currently got about 200 members and we get aproximately 1 new member each day. It is very sad that the language have totally died out in 50% of those  villages, 30-40% of the villages got only some old people speaking this language and a few of the villages got more speakers then others but their children is not knowing it so well..Currently we got listed about 75 of those villages using Kolimarfeys excelent mod "places"..  Will also edit it so everyone can add photos/videos related to their villages.

And with this website we are tryin to make ppl learn their language aswell by letting people that know it add poems, texts, sing songs etc on this lnguage to try to save it from dyin out totally.

I have also just bought Dolphinmods "Confessions" mod (waiting on installation)

that will be great to organize poems, texts etc with people being able to comment the stuff etc..

Aother intresting thing with this tribe is that they are veery splitted. we currently know about aproximatly 90 of these villages we also know it exists about 50-60 more that we do not know anything about.. And their villages is like 3-4 villages on a place then you have to go about 300km were you got 5 villages and go another direction 500km to find another 4-5 villages..

I am very tired atm or I had alot of stuff to write about concerning this tribe and I guess it may not be so intresting to read about a dying language for everyone: )

But my conclusion is that Dolphin CAN be used for many good purposes that is different from classic sexdating sites that Dolphin is used for mostly(not anything against that :) ).

Kind regards


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nice to see something being done positive with dolphin for an unusual site.
I also find this very refreshing and inspirational as a use for dolphin. Well done. Please let us know the URL of the site so we can all see what you have done.
Yes, please do post a link to the site, and tell us more when you have time. It sounds like some interesting reading,

This is what blogs should be about:)
Interesting story, and a very noble mission..
"BoonEx mission is to unite people" now I see how..
Good luck with your project!
pretty neat.

What language is the alternative? (assuming there aren't any translation files for the language in question) If it's going to be arabic/ turkish, will there be any english so interested westerns can peek in too?
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