Dual Headers - How to?

Charisma posted 29th of May 2008 in Community Voice. 3 comments.

Hi there,

I have a high custom menu i am building at the moment,

I would like to have 1 piece of graphics for normal visitors

and a seperate piece of graphics for users that are logged in.



Visitor sees _header.php

Member Logged in see _header2.php


is this possible?

if so, could you make a recommendation to what would be the best way to work on this?


Many Thanks Guys




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You can realize this ..
if you will provide importing this header via key too :)
... just add another one key to design.inc.php
and use here logged variable ..
and in place where imported header set this variable ..

something like this
hey Andrey, thankyou

I partly follow this, could you please simplify this a bit for me

A section in the design.inc.php,
could you please elaborate?

Many Thanks
Just look at this file
function PageCode() {
here are
function TmplKeysReplace($m) {
switch( $m[1] ) {
just use it :) (or try :) )
here you can check - logged member or not (using new key in template file)
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