Email Notifications and Trixsters

gatek33per posted 7th of June 2010 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to touch base on a few things. Dolphin 7 comes with Email templates in which are supposed to be mailed out when one of the actions takes place. But.. they  apparently built it so that it doesn't.  Apparently you can buy a mod.... "Email Notifications" for $50 dollars. So basically from my understanding you buy this email notifications mod to add to the current option in dolphin that's supposed to work already?

I've noticed a few other things... I've bought a mod.. installed it... EXACTLY the way the instructions state..  Doesn't work worth a flip..

BUT GET THIS!! I order the person's MOD INSTALL  and SHA ZAM.. works perfect. Is it just me or does that just seem Scandalous?

Of course not.. its just my imagination and my money running on wooden nickels.

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Not using D7 in anger at the moment as I see it as a beta. So in other words I have not test this functionality and so cannot comment :o) If it is a bug I hope you did not purchase this off a member of the Boonex team. Who did you buy this mod off?
Well its an unfortunate state of affairs at the moment with D7 as this is how it seems to be working. Things that dont work but should on D7 can be fixed with a bought Mod. Scandalous maybe, depends how desperate you are for things to work. Some mod makers are indeed cashing in on this, instead of fixing the thing in the first place. I too refuse to use D7 because of the rip you off attitude that seem to be prevalent at the moment. (and the fact that D7 fundamentals just doesn't work despite, the see more hype...

You know the catch phrase on here though


I aint holding my breath though... :-)
Its complete crap is what it is.. ALSO.. decided to add a product to my online store today.. NO BUY NO OR ADD TO CART button found anywhere..
Someone tells me to buy the MOD to fix this..
What a load of BULL!
Apparently Boonex isn't paying their developers enough so they have to scandal us out of our coins to fix crap that should come standard.

@gatek33per: Boonex are paying 500K per annum for Dolphin development. I don't know how many developers they fund with that, but let's say 10 for argument's sake.

Now, since most of the developers seem to be based in Kyrgyzstan, where GDP per capita is $2200 and minimum wage around $4/hour, whatever the 500K divides up to should be more than enough to keep a respectable standard of living there...
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