Enable or disable module?

totallyfreak posted 8th of June 2009 in Community Voice. 9 comments.

Is there any way to enable or disable module completly in dolphin?

I mean by example to completly remove all the video and mp3 module from dolphin... even if i turn off the ray music and video sharing module... it still appear in the stats box info on the main page and i have to manually remove all the link to video and music in the builder menu.... dolphin should have a switch panel in admin... to enable or disable completly every module... orca(forum), mp3 sharing, video sharing, classified ads, shoutbox, events.... etc...


because its not all webmaster who want all these feature on his website... it should be the choice of the admin to enable or disable completly each module separatly...

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You might want to read http://www.boonex.com/unity/blog/entry/Moderator_Notes_Reminder_About_Blog_Posts_vs_Questions
first your link dont work... or its not fully show on your comment... and second why should i want to read that???????
The link works. Copy and paste it into your browser.
I think what ping is trying to show you is the blog post that you missed that is trying to inform people that its against site rules to ask support question in the blogs at this time, that is maybe why you would want to read that T.F.


and i repeat it was not a support question... its start with a question... to know if the SUGGESTION i gave was not already into the script function... but it was basicly a suggestion...
my post was not about support question... it was a suggestion of developpement... so whats the point?? where it's wrong to post suggestion on this blog.. what is your defenition of community?? sometime i question myself on how much severe and anti free expression this blog become more and more since all the past year.....
This always realized in dolphin 7
thx for the constructive reply :)
LOL T.F, last time i looked, when somebody says

"is there a way to Enable or disable module completely in dolphin"

Thats a support question.

Lets not get silly here T.F, this is about rules, not about anti free speech and so on.

Blog away to your hearts content, waffle on about anything you want, its just that support questions go in the support forum.


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