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Sola posted 2nd of July 2008 in Community Voice. 9 comments.


I try to put on my web site http://www.pintacom.com the favico in index, and only I see on safari, but not in explorer, or safari,

Somebody how put it.

Thank you

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did you put the code in the right file to read the instructions for the browsers to show the favicon?
IE takes 3-7 days to show the favicon.
firefox can take 3 hour to 3 days.
as the favicon is the same named file no matter what image is used, and the browser has already looked and put the default one up, they do not check everytime you load a site page to see if it changed, as they are all called favicon, and it is not stored in the cache, you can not clear it to force it to show.
I don't know what I have to put in theright file. Do I have to put it in index or in the header? Can you help me fix this? Thank you!!
you need to enter this code
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="http://www.mysite.com/favicon.ico" type="image/vnd.microsoft.icon" />

in the file
between the <head> tags </head>
make sure the favicon is in the root of dolphin
change mysite with your own site name
How large can the favicon be, I would like something 16x32.

is this possible?


Hi, I try and I tell you.

Thank you
you are welcome sweetie
Hi again, I did it but for the moment I don´t see anything. http://www.pintacom.com and look the source code of the page.

Hello, only I see it on Safari, not in frirefox, explorer,....
I don´t know what i do wrong.

Thank you
I don't understand what adding the code is all about. All you need to do is upload favicon.ico to your sites root directory.
Sola, how did you create the favicon.ico file in your sites root directory? It's 37KB in size! That's way to big for an image that's only supposed to be 16px x 16px with 8 bit color,
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