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gautam posted 24th of November 2008 in Community Voice. 9 comments.

Alright. After waiting for several months for the next version of Dolphin we've finally got the news about its arrival. And the best part is that it would be the bridge version and so our sites would be very soon working on the Poseidon platform. All this hard work by the team has taken Boonex to new heights and they would be definitely able to provide a unique web presence to the NBT - Poseidon.

But here are some small issues which need a little concentration from Boonex.

Firstly, The Cart system at Expertzzz needs some improvement. Many times the payments are not completely processed and most of the customers after paying the money are not able to download the product. Then the seller has to mail them the files and also add them manually in the buyers list. All this causes much inconvenience to the buyers as well as the sellers.

If you take me as instance, in the last month i sold about 8-9 copies of a product at Expertzzz, and out of these 8-9 selling, 3 of them were not processed completely and then the buyers had to contact me for getting the product. I'm not the first one to write about this issue as many times in history this issue has been highlited.

Secondly, The product page at Expertzzz as well as Unity needs some enhancement. With the launching of Poseidon, Boonex would enter a new era of web development. And no doubt, Poseidon would attract a large number of expert developers for building plugins for it. But the current system at Expertzzz and Unity is not nice for handling the products. The problem comes into play when you release multiple version of a plugin. For all of them you make different products at the expertz and it becomes like a mess. It would be better if a single product page could handle multiple product versions. And even the product modification system needs to be improved. The product download files updating and updating of description n stuff can be different. This would be much convenient.

At the moment product sellers can't download their own products. This is a big problem. Many times you get into a situation that you need to look into one of your product and you don't have the file with you. Sellers should be able to download their own products.

Thirdly, As i mentioned earlier, with the coming of Poseidon, Boonex would be getting much bigger. And so would be the number of developers making plugins for Boonex products. So the Developers would need a special place where they can be provided with the resources related to working of the Boonex products, and also they can discuss with other developers. No doubt Unity can fulfill all such issues, but most of the members at Unity are not developers. Developers need a place where there are only developers and no designers disturb them. You would be getting what i mean :)

Lastly, A small issue with registration at Unity. When one is filling the Unity form, in email field the field info says "this is used for sending 4ppl mails...." . I know Unity system uses Poseidon and so the developers forgot to change 4ppl to Unity, please fix this whenever you feel like fixing it :)

Now its time to end the post or else everyone would say that i'm asking too much from Boonex. I'm written all this in a manner that i'm requesting Boonex to do this, and i'm not forcing them to do it. Boonex please look over the issues. The payment processing at Expertz is becoming a critical issue.


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I do not know if you have to chance to edit this blog but it is difficult to read especially as it has no breaks or new paragraph.

ah...the formatting got lost. i've reformatted it now. hope it would be looking fine now.
thanks for telling....
forgot an important point.
I would request Boonex to keep a satisfactory gap between the release of last beta version and the final version 7. This gap would help developers in making few nice ready to go plugins for version 7. And they would also be able to update their major existing plugins to work with Dolphin 7. This would be very helpful to all those who are using their mods now as otherwise if they would upgrade to the next version, their sites would loose many mods.
Totally agree especially for the second point. Expertzzz (especially the download section) will be crucial / focal point once Dolphin 7 is out or Poseidon. Some issues/suggestions to look at

1. currently the search facility is not very user friendly.
2. filtering facility (filter for dolphin, version, template, date) needs to be more user friendly to so one can pin point products effectively
3. Expertzzz forum is rather out of date on a lot of topics and I am not sure if they should be archived?

I see more have bought a couple of mods but not had any problem with payment though.

These are just my opinions and afterall, opinions may differ... that is why we are humans :) but all I wish is for Boonex to have a professional market place that sustains and enhances a thriving community.

Hello Gautam,

I don't like the shopping cart at expertzzz to made automatic order process. There is a chance that user can make fraud transactions. I have already experienced this. This is because the IPN is not used.
there are many issue with expertz cart. many times the transaction id is not stored well in the system then one has to manually add it.
I ordered a mod from expertzzz and ended up having to pay for it elsewhere. The payment wouldn't process and I ended up at a site that made me a little uneasy about sending a payment. It was very close to the developer losing my money - though they assured me it was secure.
this happens many times...
even the option of manually adding buyers is not that much good. you need to enter the transaction id. but what if there was no transaction? like you want to give it for free...or may be some other reason.
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