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totallyfreak posted 1st of November 2009 in Community Voice. 10 comments.

I decided to post some of my forum topic on the blog because i got no reply from boonex team... some of my post got no reply at all... so thats why i decided to post on the blog.... im sure i will have more reply and answer to my question...

1. avatar should not be like photo...

what i mean is when you browse trough the member list... and checkbox the     with photo only    option, the member who put avatar as main profil pics should not appear...  because i think that member who put avatar instead of no pics... is still nothing.... when you want to filter people with REAL face...

2. MultiServer for Dolphin 7

or also got a multi domain name feature for dolphin....

by example if i want to run 2 different website... but with the same user database...

so the 2 website got differente default template, 2 different menu style(menu builder), 2 different default language...etc... but got the same member database....

3. dolphin stats link bugs?

this is a simple post to tell that when you click on the new member today main page stats link, you go to browse member page... but thats not was i want... i want to see only the new member who signup today.... same thing for the new this month and new this year link... all these 3 link go at the same browse.php page...  the link should be more specific and redirect to a result page of the member who really signup today or these month...

4. better whos online search

it is possible to make a better search result when searching online member....   when you have a website with over 600 online member,,, maybe it could be usefull to make the result order by near first.... by using the zip code.... not only have search result by last modified profil and last register....  but nearest first also....

5. cool iris on firefox work or not?

Hi, i try to use cool iris on the last version of the beta of dolphin and it dont seam to work... but i read in a earlier post from unoboonex that cooliris is going to stay in the feature of the next version of dolphin...  so how use it right now... because i try to browse trought member with cool iris and try to see different photo album of a member page with cooliris and it still dont work....   i hope that it will be possible to browse trought member and online member with the cooliris function...

well me i try it on the beta7 demo


and i never see the cooliris button active when i browse into the website... so wich specific section of the website is compatibl with cooliris???

i use firefox 3.5.3 and the latest version of cooliris...

6. Bugs or design bug in member list

ok, maybe its happen only on my computer screen resolution...  but when i go to a page with a list of member.... by example


when you place your mouse cursor over a pic of a member and wait to see the popup menu... the popup is not enough transparent... you have some difficulty to read the statut and the headline of the member because the text is over the text on background... so you see 2 text one over the other one...  maybe the transparency should be at 90 or 95%. Or the text should have a with background and the rest of the popup window keep the same transparency... this problem most happen when you browse in the extended list...

that's it


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I agree with you on item 1 - several people have expressed that they wish the avatar was just automatically set from profile photos. In any event you should get rid of those comic book avatars entirely- unless you are setting up some kind of fantasy community, they will ruin your site.
I take it you want to operate 2 separate Dolphin sites with totally different content, but use one of the databases for remote authentication only, on a second site?

I could be wrong, but I don't think you'll get Boonex to even consider this, and you'll most likely have to hire a pretty good coder to do this. You'll need database remote access enabled on both sites, so it would help if they're on the same physical server. Shared hosting is out... no hosting company will enable remote access see more on a shared server.

This can get a little tricky because one of the sites will be working with 2 databases... one for the remote authentication, and a local DB for everything else.

It might be easier to setup some sort of cross-site scripting to periodically update the DB tables in the secondary site with the user authentication info... every hour or so. That might get around the need to enable remote DB access, or changing a lot of code.

It's a neat concept, and I can see a lot of usefulness, but I don't think you'll get Boonex to work on it.
well i think to use this more for language version, by example : rencontre.com for the french user and dating.com for the english user... so 2 domain but same database...
or even for sexual oriented version.... couple.com for hetero people and gay.com for gay people... but with the same database so news, article, forum, media... all the stuff will appear on the both website but only the template or language will change...
And if that is all your after totally freak, then why not install an automatic language switch that recognizes the country the IP is from and then it proceeds to resolve the site in the language of their country.

You can even go further with this, by having it hit on the IP but also giving them the choice to manually change it to another language if they choose too. This would be a whole lot easier than attempting to do a remove DB Access or the idea of running to totally seperate Domains.
see moreLong time ago, Unoboonex announced the multidomain feature for D8. Now because 8 will come out some years after originally announced it will come out, I asked about multidomain feature future now and get no answer. But Boonex will/is working on and announced the release for D8. Didn't remember the exactly post, but it was the one where he said: modules coming quick if you have the right framework -- end 2008 or beginning 2009 -- and then comes the D7 bridge concept out and we get late with everything...
What's the multidomain feature, again?
just rea the reply i post to the houstonlively comment
I got the idea --- but I'd like to hear it straight from the horse's mouth. That is, a link to something a Boonex rep has said on the feature.

From what you describe, we're just talking about sharing a common member database across applications.

A couple of ways you can code something like that, also for shared environments where the host doesn't permit remote access. Shouldn't be that hard if someone at Boonex thinks it's important.
Just my 1/2 cent on these items...

1. Avatars: Personally, I'd love to see the Avatar function gone and it will be on my domains. But yes, I agree with you that those with Avatars do not count as actual people. Question: How do you get the system to recognize the difference between someone who uploads a real pic and someone who uploads a cartoon/avatar type image?

2. We've had this for a long time in D6, it's called using a Load Balancer and I'm sure when the time comes it will be here see more for D7 also. Don't see Boonex going backwards on this item.

3. I concur, if we're going to have a link that says 5 New Members Today then it should show us just those "New Members" and not make us go dig for them.

4. Good luck, most can't even get the Zip to work since they don't comprehend loading a DB and you want to organize the basic browse dependent on the Zip. Nice idea though.

5. Skipping... Don't know much about this.

6. It's just your screen resolution. Though this should be a little darker don't you think Boonex.

**Now for my add-ons while we're dreaming:

1. I'd like it if Dolphin could be configured to not only match me with potential dates, but also write great messages to them, do all the IM'ing for me and then give them my address and arrange all parts of the date. It should also conduct a full background check to ensure they're financially secure enough to keep me in the manner that I dream of being kept in. LOL
Did I hear someone mention D8? I hear it's coming out next month as a fully stable version......

.......then they are gonna release D7 RC1 after that!

Hahahahaha........I think I may have hit my funny bone today. Either that or I need more sleep :)
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