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annabel posted 21st of May 2008 in Community Voice. 2 comments.

First of all, there's something wrong with the 'search' builders. There are 3 options : simple, quick and advanced.


I suppose the quick search is searching on ID, Nick or Tags.


But simple search is shown on the site as the advanced search. The advanced option in builders doesn't make any difference when I add or remove options.


Second : I would like to have different selector and selector controls on the 4 different pages. For example : in the join form for BodyType a selector with a drop-down box but in the search field a multiple selector with radio buttons.


That is just not possible. When you select a tye it's shown the same on join form, edit, view and search profile page.


Besides that, in the selector box you can select multiple options. This is another error.

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I have the same question , where is the advanced search ?

For the selector, I only have the mutiple selector working, i mean if i do not choose this optioon then it will not shows up on the profile page.
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