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pcnetguru posted 28th of October 2009 in Community Voice. 3 comments.

Of course I am new to boonex.

I have an issue with the fields builder. In html, whenever I want a multiple selection field,

for example one called interests, I would normally type something like:

<select size="4" name="interests" multiple="multiple">
<option value="*" >Anything</option>
<option value="00" >Baseball</option>
<option value="01" >Basketball</option>
<option value="02" >Sky Diving</option>

....and so on.

But in the dolphin app, when I try to set the values of the selection field,

it doesn't let me edit the display text that the user see's in the field.

So rather it let me add <option value="00">baseball</option>, it take

the value and automatically makes it the display text.....For example:

<option value="00">00</option>

Could I be doing something wrong?

Please help a n00b out!


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Use a "predefined values" table instead - I think you will have much better luck.
Caltrade is right, using the PDV will help you solve this. To find it, just go to your Admin Panel and Click on Settings, then look at the drop down menu and you will see "Predefined Values"

In the first Column place a "Unique Value" for the item, you can number them, letter them or whatever, but you can't color them. Maybe you could, I just haven't figured out how to color them myself.

Anyways, in Column 2 you will place what you want the individual to see. Click save see more and then when your in the Builders -> Field Builders section, click on the item where you want to use the list you made. You'll notice tabs at the top of the box that open up, one of them says "Advanced"

Just look at the bottom of the box that opens and set the drop down box for "Type" to "Selector" or whatever you want, just don't use a "Text here" and then click on the "Advanced Tab"

Now, you'll see "Possible Values"

In that field enter the name of your list like this:


You have to have the #! in front of whatever you named it and it will call up the list automatically for you from there.

Enjoy and Good Luck with your Dolphin.
Thanks! Worked like a charm.
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