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jerry79 posted 20th of July 2008 in Community Voice. 6 comments.
Hi all, after i posted in forum, and didnt got a solution, i wanted to ask and discuss this problem at here ;) Im trying to add some new points to the profile, like which kind of music, etc. So i got different booleans (checkbox) ath the style like: Rap, Techno, Country, etc. My steps: Logging in to admin section Going to Builders - Field Builder Taking a new "inactive item" and dropping it to any block. Filling out name, caption and description. Selecting boolean (checkbox) Then puting this item to join, view, edit and search profiles (advanced). Next step: Logging in as the user, check the new field (make a mark) and then im going to search profiles. Only clicking on male and female then click on my new item and hit search. The result is my profile and also all others. So i only want to show profiles with this "checkbox" marked in profile. If im looking for someone with music style ie House, it should only show profiles which got house also checked. Am i the only one with this problem or does anyone got a solution. I hope someone know what to do, cause without new searchable fields i cant go on... Cheers, Jerry!
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Eh, where is the formatting gone?
Fields builder,
In General: Use Multiple Selector not Booleans (checkbox)
In Advanced: Multiple selector control, use Checkboxes

Search profiles (advanced), are not used in Dolphin right now,
if you click on Search and the URL is http://YOURDOMAIN/search.php
you don't use advanced search, you have to move and activat your new item in Search profiles SIMPLE.
Work great for me..
ok thanks for that hint, ill try this alternative.
Btw, change in Navigation Menu your link for search profiles: search.php?search_mode=adv
with this link youll get the advanced search ;)

Hi Jerry, I now that, thanks anyway.

to everyone else
I have to thank you! Cause your tip with the selector works great! Now i can go one step closer to the goal! ;)

Hi again, nice to hear you can move one,
your problem was Boolean (checkbox). A simple checkbox which allows choosing an alternative answer – Yes or No.

with Multiple selector. This Selector allows user to choose a few from the available answers. It can have two types: Selector Box or a set of Checkboxes.

Block and Fields creation, you can read more about it here:

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