Fixing the "euro" problem

IgorL posted 23rd of February 2010 in Community Voice. 5 comments.

If PayPal doesn't accept euro transactions in on your site, don't get frustrated.

There's a real quick fix for that:

Log into your database management system, for example phpMyAdmin that you can find in your host's CPanel account.
Run this query in it:

UPDATE `sys_options` SET `AvailableValues`='USD,EUR' WHERE `Name`='currency_code' OR `Name`='pmt_default_currency_code';

Then you will need to clear the cache in your Dolphin Admin Dashboard and that's it.

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now you only need to attach the €-Sign pic back to the new constellation ... it desapeares after the change ...
hey buddy, by the way, do you know how do i fix paypal to accept brazilian money BRL ?
or include other companies... in brazil we have good others like paypal: and
what can you do for me?
thanks for advance
Olá Roberval.

Você conseguiu alguma coisa com relação ao PagSeguro?

Ed Mendel
Affected rows: 2 (Query took 0.0003 sec)

Cleaned cache too, but it's still not working... :-(
OK it worked. I had to reconfigure the PayPal module... Thanks...
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