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merkado posted 3rd of August 2008 in Community Voice. 5 comments.

Ever since, I dont have any problem with my member's action.

But i my member's cant post any thread/topics

Added information: I ask one of the expertzzz who i get one of his module. and i know he is good on his job. but, I dont want to think that his installation with his module in my site will get many problems on me.

I was so crap and very annoying with this problem.



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By the way, I am using 6.1.4
Now I cannot save setting in my admin panel.... and members cant view their own profile...

What will i do?
Try a bag over your head, works every time!
hehehe,, just hope they will understand a thing your saying, Im having a hard time deciphering your English ,problem will they be able to help you resolve your issue when they cant get you clear..cheers and get drunk!
same of the experzzt developer had juz mess up all my admin script..
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