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creechs posted 28th of August 2008 in Community Voice. 3 comments.

Two features have really distrubed me about this software for quite some time. The first is the display of date of birth instead of age.  The second is the points system.  I do not believe such changes one should have to pay for.  It is much like buying a brand new car that you see has just arrived to the dealership lot. But you pay a price to have all these features, only to realize the pinstripes, the steering wheel, and a clean windshield cost extra.  There has been much discussion regarding the points and the age type things...

There are mods out there that promotes and I assume will display the points.

Points System

Membership Upgrades per Points

Referral Points

But there is no screen shot.  You'll end up spending nearly 100 or more to get these.

This is another one of those things that I do not believe should be charged for. Much like the age versus date of birth mod. It seems like it is soemthing that boonex has been half finished. What I mean is they have such features but never fully integrate them into other aspects.  Even phpbb has a FREE points calculation system that can be viewed on the member's profile.  The points then can trigger other options.  To me this is one of the major draw backs to the boonex software system.

I am going to get on my soap box for a second.

BoonEx is all about uniting people. We want people to collaborate in reaching global and personal goals. We believe that entire world can be turned into a compassionate, humane and caring community. BoonEx can do it. BoonEx does it.

This is a big, global mission, which was very difficult to achieve in the past, but now we are in the age of global information exchange, age of Internet; and we now have truly effective tools to establish common values and change the world.

BoonEx is created to be in the forward motion of this initiative. By creating online communities and providing community software to like-minded people we bring people closer - we teach them to be friends again, en masse.

Moreover, BoonEx builds and powers communities on all stages - we build community sites; we give out community software; we create a community of community sites' webmasters; and we are a community ourselves.

Global community just can't be bad, by definition. United world can safe the Earth, can stop wars, and can heal itself.

You also have an opportunity to be a part of our noble mission by making a contribution. Your contribution (any kind of contribution: donations, elaborations, etc.) will help us to develop and improve our products. By making a contribution you become a member of the big "Unite People" movement. You come first and we acknowledge you as our front row co-fighter!

If WE are the COMMUNITY and WE engage in the INFORMATION EXCHANGE.... Why be selfish and charge for the advancement of BoonEx. I'm not talking about the product itself. Because you purchase to remove links not for additional feature. The best way to develope and progress a GREAT CMS is to have a great COMMUNITY of FREE TRADE through GNU. So that individuals in the community can educate, learn, share ideas, code, evaluate, and develop together. Look at phpbb or phpnuke. The majority of the communities do not charge for the further development of anything and more features than many people could ever dream of; including 1000s of FREE templates!

Capitalism does not bring UNITY it brings separation among classes of peoples. If this site wants to become world renouned... it will have to be a UNITED effort among all peoples versus a SELECT class of INDIVIDUALS.

Such collaboration among developers both Boonex affiliated or thos that are pro se, will make upgrades happen more smoothly and will streamline upgrades so that minimal disruption occurs.

I think this software has so much potential, but such potential is limited. This software is one of the sleekest and professional out there. But, it could be so much more.

Now, let the creechs bashing commense =).

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can you just explain to me why you expect dolphin to be perfect and have every possible thing you could ever dream of, out of the box from release 1 after beta?

if everyone did that like phpbb they wouldn't have 80 2.x and now 20 3.x versions would they? there would be no need for other versions as there would not be anything left to develop.

if you want the other stuff and cant wait for it, go pay for it.

i know of no script that has everything you could wish for from release 1

get a see more life
I did not mean for this to sound like I was bashing boonex. I love the software, and am fully aware that it is in the beginning stages (1 beta). And I could only imagine where it will be after a few more. I am trying to say that i feel that the software is only as strong as the community behind it. I never once stated that I wanted it to be everything I ever dreamed of. I know there is no such thing. I just stated that certain scripts that should be included and in some cases once were should not see more be charged for.My definition of an effective community trying to achieve unity, especially in open source situations is the sharing, educating, and learning from each other, not from capital gains. Again, this is not bashing boonex, but those who want to charge 50 bucks for a simple template. Or to take advantage of users by charging them for features that use to exist.

And I know of no company or no successful entity that has made it past the begining without constructive criticism and/or some opposition.

I am sorry you got so upset. I am also sorry, that I am not as intelligent and established as you are.
I agree 100% creechs .....

If you go over to 'expertzzz.com' it is all about the money under the guise of 'free' and 'unite' and 'unity', etc .....

It will never reach it's full potental as open source with this kind of mentality .....
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