Google Analytics??

Robin posted 26th of December 2008 in Community Voice. 5 comments.

Hello Everybody,


I was just looking through Google analytics tool and I was just wondering if anyone tried the code?


Did it help your site?

where about would did you place the code?



Any help you guys can provide would be greatly appreciated.



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It works well.
You can place the code in "templates/base/_footer.html" file. Thus even if you change the template, the code would be still loaded.

Yes, it does help in indexing more pages. It improved my Google search page rank considerably.
It helps in many ways. You see where your traffic is coming from for one. You see what is actually indexed by google. It is a really good thing to have on your site.

It won't help your page rank really though. What helps your page rank is to see what people are searching for so that you can tailor your site towards phrases or key words.

Hello gautam,

There isn't much in the file you suggested that i can add the the code in.
this is what i have templates/base/_footer.html:
just that too lines...
so where can i add the code?
add the code before
i did that and it says tracker not installed
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