Google plans total attack on Facebook & Co

elcentcom posted 9th of February 2010 in Community Voice. 11 comments.

Interesting observation at,1518,676915,00.html (German only)

What do you think?

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Nathan Paton
Google Buzz is anything but a threat to the already established social networking services.
I think this says it all....
No Tyke, that doesn't say it all. This post from ReadWriteWeb says much more. People who dismissed Microsoft in the 80s and 90s were foolish, people who dismiss Google in this era are also foolish. This is "standards based" social networking - it wouldn't be wise to ignore it at all.

Google rolled out a social stream service today called Buzz. It looks on the surface like Facebook, FriendFeed and other stream reading and writing services. It will compete see more with Facebook and Twitter. Under the covers, though, this major product was built by a team of people taking a radical new approach to online publishing: Buzz is all about open, standardized user data.

Google Buzz data can be syndicated out to other services using the standard data formats called Atom, Activity Streams, MediaRSS and PubSubHubbub. That couldn't be more different from Facebook. Google has taken open data standards to battle against a marketplace of competitors that are closed and proprietary to varying degrees. This is a very big deal.

Google Buzz was presented as a destination site, but a look at its APIs and developer roadmap indicate that it may actually intend to be a platform - the central hub for a world of distributed social networking. "This is a downpayment on where we're going with the open, social web," Google Open Web Advocate Chris Messina told us.

It's tempting to recoil at the thought of Google powering one more part of our lives online, and our friends' activity streams are a very important part of the online experience now. But if the growing number of data portability and open web advocates the company has hired can do their jobs well - then Google Buzz could be a big force for good.
Nathan Paton
Until they release it beyond their webmail service, it is hardly a threat.
Google buzz on my iPhone is pretty awesome. I already use it more than twitter.
Andrew Boon
We're looking at it, figuring out if we can integrate it into Dolphin. WAVE, for example, should be integrable, once it is publicly available. Not so clear with BUZZ APIs yet.
Nathan Paton
Still, we wait for those alternate forum integrations.
I think it is pretty obvious that user "status" will be a common field across - Twitter and Google Buzz are already integrated - maybe Linkedin? I would look at that for Dolphin. Also, what ever happened to Open ID - is that still in the works?
Google has withdrawn most of the features after three days and lots of critics. I have disabled it right after looking at it in my gmail account. It's ridiculously insecure and taking away privacy.
Only time will tell if it becomes a kind of standard or not, but one analyst I read called it a "game changer": and said that the value of Facebook had dropped by half in a single day. I find it easier to "follow" and "unfollow" people than it is on Facebook, and I am actually meeting new people on Buzz - something that is extremely difficult on Facebook. As for "privacy" everyone seems to have a different definition of that word in the online world, but see more in business most people don't want privacy, they want "promotion" - the polar opposite of privacy. What is it that you want to keep private?
@unoboonex - I think Google wave was something that seemed really cool at first, but on second look not too many people actually wanted to use it. No one wants other people to see them typing in real time - they want the system to wait until their thoughts have been composed and they hit the "return" key. I wouldn't put too much energy into integrating it with Dolphin. I would however, look at the "status" field in D7 and see if that could be some kind of feed that calls Twitter, Buzz, Linkedin Status, etc. I don't think people will want to post that in multiple systems and it would make the profiles in our system always with fresh content. Also, could you bring us up to date on "OpenID" - is that still in the works?
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