Got 2 problem with 6.1.1

totallyfreak posted 3rd of June 2008 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

Hi there, i got 2 question about the mail sending function of the dolphin script...


first... since i install 2 of my dolphin website... on the same server.... i got a problem with one of them..... i got a lot of email from the cron jobs... did i say a lot.... i mean  A TON of email!!  one each 10 min.... with that message....


Already done today, bailing out


so how can i make it stop!!!!


and my seconde question is about the other way of mail sending... i dunno why... but i got all the cron job email... but all the other email that the server send to user is not working... so when a new user is signup... he dont receive any mail... and when i try to use the function lost password... he still dont receive any mail.... even in the junkbox....

so how can i set correctly the sending mail path....


And a LITTLE suggestion for the sending message feature for member to member... why put by default the option (BOTH)

how can i change that to the option ( to site e-mail )

because so member can think the direct email sending message can be anoying...


 And i got a problem with the Action TAB on a profil page

the action tab is blank....  so another bug i guess

but this bug is only with internet explorer, im using the 7 version



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ok i solve the 1rst problem... i got a duplicate cron job with cmd.php

but now i still got the problem with the send mail function of the website
ok now i make some test... the email sending is not working for the password recovery option... but when you signup for a new account it works
maybe just trouble with email? :)
possible mails goto junk/spam folder,
or possible was typed wrong email during registration ..

or possible coming mail just in queue to sending ?
no because it works with mail sending from other member... it just dont work with retrieve password
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