Grid System for Layout

BangLoungeFM posted 9th of March 2011 in Community Voice. 4 comments.

waht  you  think about  the Grid layout system  for Dolphin layout(template)????

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D7 is not Joomla thing.
So forget about this and cross your finger and wait for D8 and...
Repeat :)
it can ofcourse be done.. but would take time
What are the advantages of a grid layout in comparison to a standard layout?
I think the most important thing about is the 10px right and left is it possible to integrate this on dolphin template
And or so why the layout are on 960 and not 998
The most of monitor are 1024 why a lot of people use the 960px

If someone has a grid layout, one can check that with this add-on:
Default Dolphin layout perfectly fits this system. There is already 10px margin between columns and blocks. And you can change columns width in page builder to match these values. And whole page width is changeable too.

Thank you - BangLoungeFM for the link to Firefox plugin, it looks very nice and it really can help in developing design layout.
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