Groping Along

Titan86 posted 27th of March 2011 in Community Voice. 1 comment.

My thanks to rhimpr for the Top 10 list in response to my last post. It was valuable advice.


I've since performed the upgrade to Dolphin 7.0.6 with no issues. The instructions for that were clear enough even for a newb.


Lacking any sort of guideline for how to go about customizing your site, I decided to tackle the profile blocks first. There were a lot of different views to customize, but I think I finally got my profiles to look like how I want them. I even managed to create a couple of predefined lists, add language keys for them, and put them into my profiles. I didn't find it to be particularly difficult, just tedious.


The search functions, however, left me puzzled. I wanted to set up different parameters for the different search options (simple, quick, advanced) and set the match weightings individually for each option. Unfortunately, the weightings seemed to be global for each block. If I changed the weight in one search option, it would change the weight in all of them. This just can't happen. I need each search option to have its own weightings because each option has completely different fields. There is no official documentation regarding search weightings and browsing the forums didn't help. Everybody seemed equally mystified by the search functionality or just flat out claimed it didn't work. That's ludicrous. Search is a key function of social sites and there have got to be many successful Dolphin-based sites out there, so why is there such a lack of good information about searches in Dolphin? I just don't get it.


I finally left fine-tuning searches for later and worked on my footer links. That wasn't intuitive. I finally found out in a forum search that the link pages were buried in the language flags. I would never have found them on my own, but I finally managed to make the changes I wanted to make to the existing links. Unfortunately, I have no idea on how to add or remove links from the footer. I guess I'll have to try to find help in the forums about that, too.


Next I want to set up all the page and navigation views to look like how I want them for the different membership levels. That looks like it's going to be very tedious as well. I just hope I don't encounter any more mysteries in trying to do it.


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excellent!.. I'm also a dolphin newbie and certainly wouldn't call myself a developer by any stretch (just very adventurous with a handful of resources close by)..So this is both very promising and a little disturbing for me to Ive not really been able to make heads or tales out of most of the forum posts on items that I've searched for as it appears to be a ton of varied types of skill levels from the forum members and then of course Ive found the random "expert" that has see more had something good except it was several versions prior to 7.05...and I have also found the product documentation to be almost non existent, except for the install guides and those have been very good.

Im also actually hosting my own site and we also run cpanel so the install itself went very smooth.

So I'm also just getting started on this Dolphin devel journey and hope to be able to get up to speed pretty quick. I too will be blogging for the masses just in case someone would find pity on me when Im at my wits Good luck and hope to chat soon!

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